Its own very special kind of stupid: Tony Awards Version.


Hamilton Muskets

Thank God it was murder victims and not rape victims…. /sarcasm>

Hat Tip Tommy Ch.


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  1. I love the musical Hamilton. But I am severely disappointed in this response.

    Miranda did a lot of historical research in writing the musical. I figured he would have known that Thomas Jefferson, our third president, sent the US Marines to North Africa to fight off the Barbary pirates, who were extremist Muslims who kidnapped non Muslims to serve as slaves.

    To this day the USMC celebrates their victory against the first Islamic extremists this nation fought in the Marine Hymn with the lyrics “To the Shores of Tripoli.” USMC officers carry a sword of Muslim Persian design, the Mameluke sword. It was a Mameluke, a Muslim warrior class from Egypt. who surrendered his sword to the Marines at Tripoli. We kept that sword as a symbol of our victory for 201 years.

    The British also still celebrate their victory over Muslim pirates in their national song Rule Britannia with the lyrics “Britons will never be slaves.”

  2. You know who else didn’t perform with firearms….the victims.

    Of course the antis see this as a “Fitting tribute”, I just see it as a reminder of a flawed mindset.

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