The Killhouse Rules 

Graham Combat Killhouse Rules
Within the past few weeks I was invited to attend a major metropolitan training exercise to test the areas of responsibility for police and fire to work together during a mass-casualty incident or ongoing crisis.  While the response to the training incident was relatively swift, much like we all watched in Orlando, I was able to sit and watch seconds become minutes, minutes build into hours, and hours drag on.

Source: The Killhouse Rules | THE TRADE

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Not only memorize the rules, make sure you are ready to implement.

Hat Tip Michael Bane.

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  1. This. We need more of it. Remember that one guy in Kenya at the Westgate with the IDPA patch and his pistol at high ready? You blogged it, Miguel.

    If only even a fraction of the masses were willing to take responsibility for themselves and their fellow man, much of this problem would be mitigated. Even if there were only 5% of the 320 present at the Pulse that night, 16 first responders would be shooting back.

    But alas, we have the gun free zone narrative that rules presently. And the usual suspects continue to double down on disarmament.


  2. Three hours. People lay on the floors bleeding out for three $&@€>#!!! Hours!

    The shooter had time to find the other bathroom, and shoot everyone in it. He had time to go back and “clean up his work.”

    I guess the OPD never got that memo from Columbine?



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