Brace Yourselves

I’ve been working on a longer post about the massive disinformation response to the Orlando shooting and have come to a conclusion that needs to be said sooner than later.

I have watched in awe as the media has gone off the rails to explain how a shooter who pledged allegiance to ISIS and was yelling “Allah Akbar” while pulling the trigger wasn’t motivated by Islam, but was instead motivated by Islamophobia, toxic masculinity, and the NRA.

We are about to get hit by a perfect shit storm of anti-gun, social justice, and liberal intolerance, and will have to be work hard to make sure our rights survive it.

There is one insidious theme that has run through all the Op-Eds I’ve forced myself to read in a progressive coprophagic gavage, is this:

The NRA/GOP/Conservatives will not “do something” in response to the Orlando shooting to prevent the next shooting reinstate the AWB/impose restrictive gun control because we are a bunch of intolerant *Christian* homophobes and we range from not caring about to being overwhelmed with joy that more than 100 gay men and women were injured or killed early Sunday morning.

We are going to get beat over the head by a one-two punch combo of anti-gun emotional platitudes and accusations of anti-homosexual/transgender bigotry.  The murder of 50 young gay men and women is exactly the type of scenario to embolden the Social Justice Warriors of Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to go for blood.


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  1. Remember, the guys in charge of the House and Senate right now were the ones ready to back Toomey-Manchin a couple of years ago… and then tell us what a ‘great victory’ they had won.


  2. DaveP.,

    No you are wrong. The leadership of the House and Senate are “principled conservatives” that are trying to save the GOP and the Nation from an unprincipled, vulgar and gauche presidential candidate. An unacceptable candidate that is calling for national reciprocity, and eliminating gun free zones.

    These principled conservatives have done so much rolling back Obamacare, defunding executive actions on illegal immigration, cutting the budget, defunding planned parenthood, and passing a normal budget after seven years of continuing resolutions. We can count them to stand firm on stopping unconstitutional gun control laws. /sarc

    By the way J.KB, what is your opinion of Donald Trump’s US Supreme Court candidate list? Are they acceptable?


  3. It’s interesting to see how the left decides what the killer actually wants, what their message was, etc…

    I wonder how your average jihadi feels about that. There they are, killing in the name of allah, and some self righteous jackass on the left tells them that is not what is happening. As @countermoonbat said:

    (Hope the link works…)



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