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Omar Mateen Rainbow Filter

I have noticed that there is a forceful narrative being pushed about Omar Mateen being Gay and that the shooting is nothing but an outburst of self-loathing. This is another obvious attempt to declassify the asshole as a Muslim as not to insult the Religion of Peace. Better to make him gay than having to admit we have a problem with certain violent group, right?

Have you noticed that LGBT Groups have not said a damn thing against this Narrative? Not a peep!

Gay right groups are notoriously averse to any kind of association with bad publicity. They will fight you if you even suggest that anybody in the LGBT community might be a criminal and it is unthinkable that they would take laying down that the biggest civilian mass shooter in the history of the country would end up in history as Gay.

So why the silence with this campaign to “gaytificate” Mateen? Orders from above? Their master’s voice?

Inquiring minds want to know.



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  1. I spotted the answer to that earlier today.


    Republican anti-gay politics and anti-gay bullying made him self loathing. He was the victim of homophobic conservatives.

    Of course none of this was true, but it allows the Left to lay the ultimate blame where they want it, at the feet of the Right. The gay community is proving to be more concerned with partisan politics than the truth in any form.

    • Even if he was a closeted, self loathing gay, I reckon coming from a culture that executes gays for being gay is a much bigger pressure than some pastor bitching about Gay Marriage. Oh damn, I forgot: According to Anderson Cooper is the same thing.

    • His islamic faith made him self-loathing. The fact that he was also gay in the only religion in the world that actually prescribes death (You’ll note that a punishment for “lying with a man as one lies with a woman” is notably absent in the Bible, just don’t do it.) likely exacerbated it.

      There is not a small minority of Muslims who support terrorism. There’s a small minority of Muslims who have gotten with the 21st century and learned to live in peace with people who share differing opinions.

  2. I Muslim, ISIS-pledging, registered Democrat, closeted gay person killed 49 openly gay people and of course it’s the fault of the Republicans, white people, and the NRA. So was Paris apparently. I wonder how long this narrative can carry without an extreme backlash?

  3. SiGraybeard : June 15, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    They’re trying to make the killer into a victim.

    If he’s a self-loathing gay, the self hatred brought on by evil conservatives, then not only is totally blameless, but so is the religion of pieces.

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