South Florida Instructors: WTF?

Apparently there is a bunch of firearm instructors in South Florida who are not aware of Operation Blazing Sword.

LBGT- Friendly Firearm Trainer Map
In the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting, many LGBT folks are beginning to consider armed self-defense. This is a master list of gun owners* who will be willing to take anyone, but especially LGBT people, to the shooting range and teach them the basics of firearm (typically a pistol) operations and safety.

Guns will be provided free of charge, as will range fees. Some will request money to help defray the cost of ammunition, but most will not.

A note on etiquette to LBGT first-time shooters: it is considered good manners to offer some money to help replace the ammunition you have shot. Some owners will say yes, others will say no; all will appreciate the offer.

INSTRUCTORS: If you wish to be added or removed from this map, please contact us on our Facebook page,
* Some of them are certified instructors; most are just enthusiasts who know how to work a gun.


This is so far the map covering South Florida. I am sorry to say it is shameful.

LGBT Friendly instructors South Florida
Here I am, pissed as hell because a medical condition is not allowing me to participate and train new gun owners and then find out that there are only eight volunteers in four counties in the east coast of South Florida.

C’mon, we can do much better.


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  1. Rather than be on a list, find someone in the LGBT community (everyone knows someone) and offer to take them. Tell them the offer extends to anyone they know that wants to go. For safety’s sake I have a brief conversation with any person that wants to go before I take them, just to at least make sure in my mind they’re not total window lickers. Make up some cheap cards to hand out if you want (I did.) Being on a “list” does present some problems for those who fear being on any list related to firearms. So do it the old fashion way.

    • That is a good point to take in consideration. And the cards can be given at LGBT gathering places or even drive by with a makeshift banner.

  2. I saw posts about this and volunteered. I’m not on the map yet. From what I gather the response has been astounding and the people managing it are probably swamped. I’m hoping there’s more “pins” like me that haven’t been added yet.

    Not worried about being on a “list” since we all already are in some form.

  3. Daniel Ortiz : June 17, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    I saw this yesterday, thought about it, and signed up today. I also joined the Pink Pistols Facebook group. This is truly the way we’re going to outlast the onslaught over time: to welcome folks of all colors and creeds. I’ve long thought the firearms community was a truly unifying force, the kind of old-school unification American used to be so known for. We should be proud. And if the new members rub you the wrong way, be patient. Talk with them, discover their motivations, their reasoning, in a polite manner. Then, perhaps even explain your own reasoning to them, while still being polite. This amicable back and forth is a signal that you both have ACCEPTED one another on the field of discussion and thought, and that is a powerful first step toward building bridges.

  4. Any idea how to contact that group to volunteer without doing it through Facebook? I refuse to be part of Facebook. Not even for a good cause.

  5. Oregon, too. Only like 5 pins for the whole state, last I looked, and two of them are the same guy, covering both Portland and Hillsboro (a suburb/town near Portland).

    Considering the Portland chapter of the Pink Pistols alone has around 200 members, I find that hard to believe. I can only assume “short notice” and “swamped editors” has something to do with it.

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