Fantasy and Projection

I caught a trailer for a third movie in the Purge franchise, The Purge: Election Year.

At first, the Purge series seems to be following the SAW series of movies, the first one was novel and interesting, if only because of the new concept and the rest are murder porn.

Watching the trailer for the third movie, it seems that the powers at be in Hollywood have tried to spice up the plot with some political intrigue.

At this point, I can’t ignore the obvious anymore.  The Purge series is the ultimate liberal/progressive fantasy projection.  The overall plot of the three movies is:

There is a crisis of some sort, and a group of people known as the “New Founding Fathers” decide the best way to fix everything is with one night – 12 hours – once a year, in which everyone can go murder happy and “release” their anger and aggression.  Middle class and rich (and predominately white) people use the purge to kill the poor, working class, and minorities, which magically fixes the economy and social strife.

Of course, economically, this wouldn’t work.  If you kill all the working class people, who will fix the pluming, keep the lights on, drive the trucks that carry goods cross country, and so on, who will do it?  How does killing all the unemployed allow for any room for economic growth?  Who will all the upper middle class middle managers manage?  It is a ludicrous position. But there are better economists than I to deconstruct the economics of the Purge for you.

My issue with the movie is the psychological projection inherent in the movies.  The writers would have you believe that American conservatives believe that the best way to fix this country is to kill everyone that liberals believe that conservatives don’t like  – namely the poor and minorities.

I minored in military history in college.  Thinking back to my history of warfare of the 20th century, I can’t think of one mass murder committed by a conservative/classical liberal political party or group.  What does come to mind is:

The concentration camps of Nazi Germany

The Soviet Red Terror, Holomodor, Gulags, and Great Purge.

The Chinese Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries and Great Leap Forward

The Killing Fields of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge

The concentration camps and mass starvation in North Korea

The firing squads of Cuba under Che

And a whole lot more, with a death toll of over 94 million people in the 20th century.

The political left always comes up with a case of convenient amnesia when it comes to the mass murder and atrocities committed by regimes they are sympathetic to.

The central theme to conservatism/classical liberalism is individual rights and freedom.  We want our rights to private property and to express ourselves freely and then to be left alone to compete in the free market.

It is progressivism/neo-liberalism that is compelled to control what people say, own, and do in order to impose top-down “fixes” for societal problems.

But never mind history and reality, progressive Hollywood has to foist the motivations of the most murderous regimes of the 20th century onto conservatives, because…

Let’s hope this franchise stops at three.

5 Replies to “Fantasy and Projection”

  1. So first observation: If the purges actually work, doesn’t that mean that Hollywood is tacitly admitting the straw boogiemen they make Republicans out to be are actually right?

    Second: they’ll never stop making these. Financial viability has never been an issue when Hollywood has an agenda to push.

    Third: One need only look at how Sanders supporters act, vs. how Trump supporters act, to see how a real-life “purge” would actually play out. Merciless slaughter of Republicans, slowed only by the ones who stocked up on enough ammunition to mow down the free-stuff-zombie hordes. On the bright side (from the liberal point of view), with so many Republicans being slaughtered every year, the Democrat party would have enough of a voting majority to do whatever they want. Any voters who opposed them would merely be targetted for the next purge.


  2. I always had the opposite reading. It is a panacea for the poor masses. It allows them to vent their frustrations towards the rich and let’s those in power maintain status quo without actually addressing the problems plaguing society. Although we do see more advantage being taken by both sides in the second than we do in the first.

    The whole concept of the movies is frankly stupid to me.


    1. That actually makes it worse. In America, the poor should not fantasize about killing the rich. Eventually that leads to actual killing. This is not Czarist Russia or France under Louis the 16th. The poor aren’t poor because the 1% horde all the money. Killing them won’t fix anything. We don’t need our mass media encouraging a Reign of Terror for entertainment. This is how you get class warfare.



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