And going light fare today…

After a Monday like we had and a rest of the week promising a full dose of whining, we need something to relax. I love Michael Keaton, specially in a couple of movies that did not get the kudos of the critics or were wildly successful at the box office.

One Good Cop is the Police/Tearjerker you can get you significant other to watch  and both be satisfied. Chasing bad cops and taking care of orphaned kids? Brilliant!

The Paper is one of those big cast movies that also did not get traction but is so much fun to watch. Keaton rips through the movie like a possesed soul trying to balance a bunch of nutcases working in a tabloid while trying to beat the competition.


Add them to your list of Must Watch.

PS: Keaton has been selected for the role of Stan Hurley. Some of you will get the reference.

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