“This is beyond comedy now.”

AG Loretta Lynch orlando shooter motive never known

“This is beyond comedy now.”

This was the attached comment from Robert The K. A.K.A Suburban Sheepdog when he posted this link in Facebook. But this is past comedy and dives right into insulting the American people. Her own FBI has collected a substantial amount of evidence to the contrary, but somehow she seems to ignore it and come up with her own twisted version of reality.

To basically deny this was an act of terrorism because of political correct niceties is scary beyond relief. It means she will be inclined to assign people the badge of terrorist for political correct niceties…

…and that can get really expensive down the road.


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  1. His “motive” was he was an Islamic terrorist and a homophobe.

    Wow, that was easy.

  2. Lynch’s tactic isn’t new. Look how long they dragged their feet regarding the Ft. Hood shooting by calling it an act of workplace violence.
    Count on the same if not more resistance here.

  3. If he calls himself a woman, the government wants us to respect that. If he calls himself an ISIS soldier waging war in the name of God, he’s not that.

  4. Reltney McFee : June 22, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Taking a page from Brandon Brooks’ comment, let’s see if I am able to comprehend this: if s/he identifies as a wom/man, we are to take that at face value. If s/he identifies as “differently colored” (or whatever the PC term for persons of African Ancestry is, this week), we are to take this at face value (Rachel Dolezal, call your office!). If some chucklehead identifies as American Indian, again, we are to take this at face value (Ms, Warren, your ears ought to burn..or, maybe Bern!). Yet, when yet another chucklehead self identifies as Islamist, and as an adherent of ISIS, we are to ignore that? Even when he kills a bunch of folks, with a narrative just like an islamist terrorist, and in a manner very, very reminiscent of an islamist terrorist?

    My head spins!

  5. Notice how they are trying to play up the “hate crime” angle of this. It’s like living in a bad dream. The guy literally pledged allegiance to the Islamic State while murdering innocent people, and now we’re supposed to believe that never happened and all this was was a closeted homosexual who couldn’t accept who he was. It’s both amazing and sickening to watch the administration literally lie right to our faces and pretend that evidence and reality aren’t things.

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