And this is why we can’t have nice Constitutional things

suspicion probable cause

She is the kind of person that in the future will find herself with a shaved head heading into the showers, wondering how things got so bad and never realizing she was part of the reason she is about share Zyklon B with a bunch of other sheep.


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  1. I’d hate to be that stupid. Since when is someones thoughts reasonable suspicion? let alone probable cause. I’d almost bet she’s a product of our modern college system where feeling are way more important than facts.

    They say this country is going down the shitter. I say, let’s elect the bitch and get this show on the road. Better for me to fight than my young grandsons. I don’t think it would last all that long. Then we could have our own Nuremberg trials and watch a bunch of these traitors swing.

  2. That’s up there with not consenting to a warrantless search is probable cause for a search.

  3. If you’ve ever read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solzhenitsyn, you’ll probably recall the line used to convict folks of all sorts of things they hadn’t done: “If you weren’t guilty, then why were you arrested?” Most folks went willingly when arrested because they were thinking “I am innocent, this will be no problem,” not knowing the arrest itself was indication of guilt.

    • Make it better: IIRC one of the original NKVD heads during the Purges (Yezhov or Yagoda, an outside chance of Beria) actually said point blank that the arrest of ‘innocents’ was a feature not a bug…because if only criminals were arrested, the populace wouldn’t be afraid of the police.

      • I do recall reading about that. Solzhenitsyn also said that in the off chance that someone innocent refused and fled, the authorities would not waste their effort and would simply go to the next door. Why make any distinction when you had one (fled) innocent on the one hand and one (apprehended) innocent on the other?

  4. George Orwell and Ayn Rand were right. Woe is America.

  5. oh comet of death… please come soon! (just kidding guys… but I do see storm clouds on the horizon…)

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