Somebody had to come up with a Conspiracy.

How did an untrained novice, with an unfamiliar weapons, under incredibly adverse high stress conditions, achieve reload and accuracy rates, and most importantly a casualty count, that exceeded those of the world’s best competition shooters and special operators?

Source: I’m Former NYPD: Here’s Why I Suspect There Was More Than One Shooter In Orlando

There were around 300 people at Pulse, 103 were shot and 49 killed. That makes a 16% kill “ratio” and about a 30% hit “ratio” so basically far from best competition shooters or special operators.  And even if you use 103 as the top number, you are talking about a 47.5% kill “ratio” which is pretty crappy even for less than stellar competition shooters.

Now, the “author” and others assume is that the people shot and killed did so immediately and that is where the BS necessary for the conspiracy mushroom comes from. He seems to forget that there was a 3 hour window between first shots and the dispatching of Asshole Mateen where many initially wounded probably succumbed to blood loss or respiratory failure because immediate care and transportation to a hospital was not possible.

We will discuss in future posts about the time delay and about the need to treat oneself when SHTF, but let’s save the arguments till more info comes out.  But let’s help cut the conspiracy crap before it grows into a magnificent Rain Forest of bovine caca.


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  1. Why even give this foolishness your attention and publicity?

  2. On the other hand, he’s former NYPD, so any hit ratio above 5% must look Tier-1 Blackops Operator.

  3. The last time I shot for score in the Marines, I shot 235 out of 250. At 500 yards I had 9 5’s and a 4. I feel sorry for anyone that thinks 30% is undo able by a single person. If I had been the shooter, with a 3 hour window, there wouldn’t have been anyone alive when the coppers finally showed up. He could have walked around for that 3 hours and done head shots on everyone in the building. I’m curious as to how many of the victims bled out while the cops were waiting.

    • My guess, at least 50% of them died while SWAT got active.

      • clockworkgremlin : June 23, 2016 at 9:49 am

        The SWAT ordering OPD to stand down when they had the shooter cornered certainly does sound suspicious, but on the other hand, the anti-gunners have a vested interest in making shooting events as bloody and fatal as possible in order to strengthen the emotional appeal.

        • I need to find again an interview with one of the first cops arriving. Not quite cut and dry as the Narrative is forming. It was not SWAT but White Shirts and unfortunately it might have been the right decision.

  4. This also ignores the questions of how many were shot and injured or killed by pass through and how many people were shot and injured or killed by police accidently.

    • By the way White Shirts are deflecting the question, I do think some casualties might be the result of friendly fire, but very few.

    • My thoughts too. Especially at the beginning where everyone was grouped together, dancing, drinking, etc.

      • or piled up at the exits trying to GTFO! It amazes me that people are so shocked at he was able to shoot 103 with 49 killed (not counting those killed by friendly fire, which I believe to be quite a bit more that Miggy seems to)… my thoughts run along he wasn’t trying very hard or he was a shitty shot…

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