The Washington Post is rather miffed…

… by the way Brit subjects treated their political masters.

Brexit Wapo

Dear Washington Post: That is the way it is supposed to work. It is the WILL of the People and the RIGHT of the People.

About time you guys get a clue.


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  1. chiefjaybob : June 24, 2016 at 8:32 am

    I can’t get over how badly the press is showing their bias in this matter. I’m used to it when it comes to gun rights, but this is just nuts. ABC radio news led off with a quote from a British MP who called it “A crushing blow and a terrible day for Britain;” they then played a clip from Cameron as he announced his resignation; then reported on markets tanking around the world. NOT ONE WORD FROM A SUPPORTER. And yet, a majority of Brits wanted this.

    • BBC TV is pretty much the dame, except they have a clip of Trump (who is visiting Scotland) saying “They go their country back.”

    • The politicians played a game. They authorized a referendum, thinking they were giving the people “what they wanted”.

      Up until about 7 PM our time yesterday, Remain looked to be a clear winner. Even the “Leave” camp didn’t think they were gonna win.

      But their crafty plans backfired…they gave the people the “right” to vote on it, and it didn’t go their way.

      • Watch for the shell game, California did the same with gay marriage, it was voted down and the ag had to judge shop to get a court ruling to ignore the people

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