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The British people have chosen to leave the EU with a higher margin than expected.

The is the feeling that this was motivated more by recent problems with Muslim refugees than economic woes.

It is no secret that President Obama has encouraged the UK to stay in the EU.

Personally, I take heart in that.  If I knew nothing else about Brexit, I would do exactly what Obama told me not to do.  He is the Captain Peter “Wrong Way” Peachfuzz of Commanders in Chief.  Take all the advice that he as to give, than to exactly the opposite.  Watch this clip and replace “Captain” with “POTUS” and “USS Andalusia” with “USA” and tell me it’s not an accurate description of his legacy.

What the British people have done is defy the political elite of the EU.

I believe that this is the ballot box equivalent of the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry.  It may not be the first shots fired of a European civil war, but it sure as hell pushed it along.  The Prime Minister has resigned over the vote.  Several other EU nations have been bitten by the bug of secession.

I don’t know what the future holds for the UK and the EU.  But right now, I really wish the people the UK had not given up their ability to own guns.  I think, very soon, they will need them.


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  1. A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook, so I can’t take credit for it.

    Cameron initially stated that he’d do whatever the “will of the people” dictated, up to, and including invoking Article 50, which formally starts Brexit.

    As we know, Cameron resigned this AM, and is leaving the invocation of Article 50 in the hands of his successor.


    Well, Cameron, and the other pro-big-government pro-EU honchos never expected the UK subjects to vote “Leave”. They thought the young urban vote in London would be enough to carry them. They placed too much reliance on Millennials to make things go their way. They never expected the suburban and rural English to engage the way they did.

    That being said, it was a close one. 52% to 48% isn’t exactly a landslide.

    • When has a pro big government group ever given up power because of the will of the people?

      I expect that the EU elite are planning their revenge.

      • The UK will hurt, especially now that the Eurozone is basically saying they have to renegotiate the trade policies to let an outsider come back in and be possibly hit with the same tarrif walls some other non-Eurozone nations are facing. Those without negotiated trade agreements with whatever institution is in charge of that.

        If they leave, it’ll take a decade and the United Kingdom as a nation may not exist at all, possibly just England and Wales. The Northern Irish and Scotland are going to call for a referendum of their own to leave the UK and if that passes, they’ll instantly apply for EU membership.

        The European experiment was gonna destroy any sense of sovereignty for a grand European people. Brexit is good, but the fact it had to happen meant it was already too late.

        • But…. you are not counting on other nations to do their own referendum. Plus now the rest of Europe will burden the mass invasion from the middle east without GBs help.

          • Oh there was no doubt about that. Already some Remainers are going “you fools, what have you done” or “I hope they fuck us over so I can go ‘I told you so'”.

          • The EU will seek revenge, of course. Merkel needs new pantsuits and England leaving puts a hole in her wallet.

            The bigger fear of the EU was that if England left, it would encourage other nations to think about it as well. They had the same fear last year with “Grexit”. Greece was a pushover though since they are too dependent on the outside world to do much of anything.

            The UK has a fighting chance to go it alone, so this time around, the EU is scared.

          • Gb never was a help in the mass immigration crisis to begin with.
            Can’t blame them.

            Don’t forget that the parliament still has to pass a law regarding the brexit and when that happens it takes at least two years for them to leave the EU.

        • It’d be hilarious if a referendum on secession that Scotland said “no” to, led to Scottish secession…two years after Scotland had a vote on secession and lost.

          It’d also be better for England if they did leave. With Scotland (and Scottish domination of the Labor Party) gone, the UK moves from being a center-Left country to being a center-Right country.

  2. Well, golly, maybe there’s hope for the UK after all. I’d given up.

  3. clockworkgremlin : June 24, 2016 at 11:00 am

    A ship in port is safe. But that’s not why ships are built.

  4. It’s about to get ‘interesting’ in the EU… LOL

  5. I’m going to give the EU about 5 years… maybe 10.
    You have the standard fatal flaw of most welfare states- a load of far too many deadbeats sponging off the productive. Eventually, the productive get a wee bit tired of this nonsense.

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