In times like this, I have to go with Batshit Crazy.

The political party that wants to put people in a secret list and restrict their Constitutional Rights without Due Process because of a “suspicion” is the same party that just refused to indict a presidential candidate for proven violations of the law.

So our choices for November are Unindicted Felon versus Batshit Crazy.

I am gonna let you in a little secret: I was going to write in Larry Correia for President in November. If anything just for the laughs and to make SJWs scream in pain and horror.

I am now going with Batshit Crazy. I don’t know if he will do a good job defending the Constitution, but you can rest assured that Unindicted Felon will fuck us up to the point of No Return.

4 Replies to “In times like this, I have to go with Batshit Crazy.”

  1. You’re making the right choice, Miguel. You gotta think that the NRA leadership must have sat down with Trump for quite a while before endorsing him. So, I don’t think he’s batshit. He just plays one on TV…


    1. The one constant you can guarantee with Trump is that he does what’s in his own interest. If he’s doing something, it’s not because he thinks it’s the right thing, it’s not because it’s something he believes in, it’s because he thinks there’s something in it for him.

      I don’t think Trump really believes in anything. I do, however, believe that he thinks there’s something in it for him to be president of the United States, and to get there on a Republican platform.

      He’s shrewd, and he plays things by the seat of his pants. I don’t think he’s crazy, but pretending to be sure got him a lot of free publicity during the primary.



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