The irony of the “Assault Weapon” used in Dallas.

SKS rifle

It turned out to be an SKS. And if you remember the latest California Assault Weapon idiocy that got into law not too many days ago, the SKS would have the characteristics of the “approved” long guns: Fixed low capacity magazine and no bullet button for quick magazine change.

If you need any more proof of the idiocy of the Gun Control agenda…


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  1. The local urban metro liberal paper up my way has so far refrained from calling it an SKS, referring to it as a “military style semi automatic rifle”. They likely nearly had a stroke when they looked it up online. They are likely holding out hope that the actual weapon has been modified by the owner to look scarier.
    As for the shooter, I’ve been reading of his time in the military and am wondering what he did to result in him leaving six years of service to include one combat deployment as a PFC/ E-3.


    Hearing differing reports between this antique SKS and a Saiga AK-74. Right now I don’t think anyone but the cops know what he used, and its kind of strange they aren’t saying.

  3. I want an SKS. They can be really nice guns.

    • That they are! Not too heavy, precise enough, quite reliable, moderate hitting with zero to none recoil and all in a fairly small package.
      They’re not the best in any field but on the whole they score quite high.

      And it’s easy to lower the weight by changing the stock and removing a few obsolete, fo a civilian user, parts.

      Have one, wouldn’t trade it.

  4. The gun used was an SKS AR-15, I just saw it on CNN.

  5. I’ve seen pics on 4chan showing an AK 74 in a similar exploded setting as the shooters body. They seem to be going with AK.

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