Forensic Expert Jennifer Lee Barringer. Hunting Rifle + Scope = Assault Rifle.

“The difference between a hunting rifle and an assault rifle is, frankly, the scope that one puts on it. Scopes can be purchased online.”
“Double shot weapons”
“They can do it very easily with something you could purchase at a grocery store.”


Yes, she is that stupid about guns, but the question that we should be asking is: Is it a bug or a feature? She is the kind of person that could be called to testify about Gun Control and her appearances on News shows gives her “credibility” which could be used by our Opposition to reclassify bolt-action and lever-action rifles as assault weapons and thus, subjected to ban….for the children.

I know, they promised you that they would never come for your hunting rifles, right?  And you are shocked they lied to you?




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  1. I watched that segment as it happened. The three of them combined don’t have a single brain among them.

    Jennifer Barringer a “forensic expert” on Fox News discussing the guns that might have been used said:
    1) Because of the laws and that it took place in Texas where there is a lot of hunting they could have been hunting rifles.
    2) The main difference between an assault rifle and hunting rifle is frankly the scope that one puts on it and scopes can be purchased online.
    3) Could have been done easily with a hunting rifle as long as it was a “double shot weapon” they could easily do it with something you could purchase at a grocery store.
    4) Responding to an idiot host who said: You can go to a gun shop and buy “adapters which can adapt a gun and make it an assault…or a semi assault…or can make it an assault rifle?” she said “That’s right it will certainly allow the rifle to shoot faster which may have been what they were hearing.”
    5) “As long as you have a rifle that has a CLIP and it’s not a situation where your BULLET actually has to be ejected in between, like a single action rifle you can shoot rather quickly…very.

    I wonder if this moron could even identify a rifle in a lineup of household tools.

    • Ricky Ramirez : July 12, 2016 at 1:43 am

      Wow! Is she from California? I’m surprised she didn’t say that greasing up the bore makes the bullets come out faster.

  2. Dang it, Miguel. Your post is lucid.

    You said you were riding the pharma train haze, post surgery. Now how am I going to run amok in the comments section with your clear thinking iron handed moderation?

  3. she is an idiot you go to a grocery store???? an assault rifle is one with a scope???

  4. LOLOL

  5. “I’m not so worried about Clinton’s (Bill’s) election to president as I am about the stupidity that elected him”; not Ross Perot’s exact words but close enough. Remember; at any time 50% of our electorate is below average intelligence. Unfortunate that a large majority of them infect our news networks. This one is classic.

  6. Height stupidity an ignorance on weapons. EXPERT??___________NOT

  7. Alan Ostregs : July 11, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Jenny, you ignorant slut,.

  8. Alan Ostregs : July 11, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    WHO was the IDIOT at FOX that was CONNED into believing that this silly bitch is a:forensic expert” ???
    They should to LOSE their job!

  9. Proving conclusively that “forensic expert” and “firearms expert” are in no way equivalent terms, and in this Hoplophobietard moron’s case, I’d argue “forensic expert” is a stretch as well.

  10. Fox news .. all MSM … is owned by 6 multi-national corporations. They are NOT on our side !!
    They are collectivist – Disarmists.

  11. Expert? Really? Well, I’m from the great state of Missouri, where show me is the Moto.
    Show me the double shot weapon bought at a groveey store. Show me the kit from Amy legal store that will allow you to turn a bolt action hunting rifle into an automatic weapon.

    Show me please! What’s that? Silence?
    Your ignorance is showing you to be the uneducated, unethical liar that you are.

    Expert. Expert my eye!

    Expert liar maybe.

  12. Does anybody know if Fox has apologized or at least corrected this retarded drivel?

  13. This is news? I remember idiot college professors back in 1969 demanding bans on scoped rifles because JFK and Martin L King were killed with them, and Charles Whitman used one in his Texas Tower rampage. One of these idiot professors even claimed he had killed a badger with his bare hands.

  14. More where that came from : July 12, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    She should quit her day job and write for The Onion.

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