Twitter Idiot of the Week (So far) @twitslovetotwit

I bumped into this exchange related to the fatal shooting of two bailiffs in Michigan last night:
twitslovetotwit bailifs death fun

He did not reply to my question but went the way these idiots go when caught having sex with their own minds:

twitslovetotwit bailifs death fun 2

If you happen to drop by Twitter sometime today, go ahead, find him and give him the link for this post and ask him why was he making fun about the deaths of two Michigan bailiffs. Also tell him he is invited to drop by the blog and leave his explanation in the comment section.

2 Replies to “Twitter Idiot of the Week (So far) @twitslovetotwit”

  1. He’s like many folks who try to butt in with anti-gun quips that are not relevant to a situation, then bet butthurt because they get trounced by others.

    “Who TF cares?” Probably their families and many of us who didn’t even know them.


  2. There is not open carry for courthouses in MI. It’s gun free zones defined by the legislature where a CPL holder is still allowed to open carry. The ban on carry in courthouses in MI is not from MI law, it is from declaration of the MI Supreme Court, which has the authority to control such things within their own branch of government separate from the legislature. No private carry whatsoever on any grounds where court business takes place.



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