I’m done with Comedy Central


I cam across this video on my Youtube recommendations.

It is very difficult for me to say a good think about a dedicated Leftist.  I find their morals to be detestable.  I have a true dislike for the dyed-in-the-wool Bernie Sanders supporter because I loathe what they stand for.  It is greed and avarice.  Sure, they will tell you they are for more equality or some bullshit like that.  But what they really want, when you listen to them, is for people who make more money than they do to pay for their tuition, health care, rent, and everything else.  They believe it is the job of the government to redistribute wealth from those who make a lot of it to those who don’t.  The latter group, just happens to include them.  It is greed and avarice, dressed up as altruism.

For the 22% of Sanders supports who have jumped over to Trump, I can say this complimentary thing about them.  They may have detestable principles, but they are principled none the less.  When you ask them why they won’t support Hillary, to the man, they say it is because Hillary is a hypocrite.  She comes out against the 1% in speeches and then takes tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees.  She rails against Wall Street and then takes money from Wall Street and uses her influence to bail out her Wall Street son in law.  She is the queen of the 1%; corrupt, greedy, immoral, etc.

It’s hard for me to praise Trump, but I will say this complimentary about him.  He’s not a hypocrite.  What you see (as bad as it is sometime) is what you get.  He isn’t a billionaire that badmouths making money in some “I feel your pain” populism.

In this regard, Trump and Sanders are similar.  They are honest about what they stand for.  They don’t pander.

So watch how this Daily Show correspondent treats these Sanders turned Trump supporters like heretics.  This isn’t an interview.  This is her trying to convince them that they are wrong and them mocks them for their supposed stupidity.  I can’t agree with a Sanders supporter on 99% of issues, but as soon as one says that Hillary is corrupt, greedy, and should be in jail and not the Oval office, I can come across no-man’s-land to shake hands on that.  This correspondent is just a Democrat-at-all-costs Hillary hack.

I know The Daily Show is on Comedy Central.  But it has billed itself as a News Show for some time.  Not a parody news show but a real news show.

I liked Jon Stewart.  He was legitimately funny.  Yes, he was left of center, but he attacked Democrats as well when they deserved it.  It wasn’t perfectly balanced, but Stewart had the integrity to point out bullshit on both sides of the aisle.

This isn’t funny.  This isn’t speaking truth to power.  This pure, one sided hackary.


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  1. I gave up on Comedy Central a long while ago. I simply can’t take the never ending Leftist slant. It is like watching a trying to be funny MSNBC.

  2. clockworkgremlin : July 13, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Oh, *now* you’re done with Comedy Central? What took you so long? The last time anything on Comedy Central was funny, the Democrats voted to abolish slavery.

    (That’s never, for those who don’t remember)

    Wow, she sounds desperate to keep them away from Trump. She’s not even trying to hide the threats and scare tactics anymore. She sounds like a desperate boyfriend. “Baby no, baby, it’ll be different. No, baby, no, don’t leave me baby.”

    I see they’re still saying Trump is racist, though maybe now they’re actually listening, they’ll realize Donald Trump hasn’t actually said anything racist.

    • Like I said, I liked Jon Stewart. He may have been left of center, but he had integrity – he didn’t justify every evil thing Liberals did just to keep Liberals in power.

      I am a HUGE Futurama fan. I liked South Park for a long time. Reno 911! was brilliant. I thought Ugly Americans was a great satire of NYC for those of us who don’t live in or like NYC. Tosh.0 was a guilty late night pleasure, if only to see truly irreverent comedy on TV.

      So I would say I watched Comedy Central in moderation up until a year or two ago. But it has finally jumped the shark into the Pravda funny pages.

    • Don’t forget the show that actually made Comedy Central worth watching- Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  3. The Daily Show is Granma for millennials.

  4. Shit, even ESPN has become unwatchable. Ever try to sit through their new Sportscenter A.M.? It is unbearable. I watch Sportscenter during my morning workouts, and when the A.M. version comes on at 6 a.m. in flyover country, I just have to switch the channel. They have taken the mens’ realm and turned it into some SJW freakshow with the obligatory token unfunny individuals, making sure to do an equal 50/50 male-female split. The Suzy Colber, Linda Cohn, and Sage Steel deserved their spot on the big show. The new ones make me sick.

  5. I liked Stephen Colbert quite a bit. The Colbert Report was funny, he’s a very talented guy who delivered a very entertaining product, even if I sometimes disagreed with him. Jon Stewart is another story entirely. He was incredibly obnoxious; he came screaming off the line with sardonic commentary wrapped in a smile, but it was all a ruse. He is like that awful party guest who continually insults everyone, only to follow up each insult with a laugh and an “I’m just kidding! Come’on, it’s all good!”. Except it wasn’t all good. Case in point, he was decrying Donald Trump as a demagogue, and attacked the “Make America Great Again” slogan by asking “when was America ever great?”. The mask slipped, if only for a moment. The new Daily Show clown is even worse. As is this incredibly smug Canadian, Samantha Bee, who is polluting the evenings of TBS with her liberal, hoplophobic dreck. Comedy Central? I’ve seen all the South Park I can muster, the channel has no other redeeming qualities, and has fallen to the roster of the deleted like CNN and MSNBC.

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