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I realized today that ads were appearing in the posts without my consent…at least conscious consent. But what really ticked me off is that I was not getting any revenue for them, basically either Jetpack or WordPress decided to install and run a plugin without my consent and sending some stuff my way. Fuck ’em.

And I want to extend my apologies to those who were forced deal with them.


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  1. You should send them a bill.

  2. There are plenty of adblockers out there. My current favorite is uBlock. I don’t even get ads on YouTube.

    I’ve tried disabling on a couple of sites that say they have unobtrusive ads, but apparently their idea of “unobtrusive” and mine are different things. Ever since then, my response to sites asking me to turn off my adblockers has been to laugh derisively and ignore the request.

  3. Were you running sitemeter? They did that to me a few years ago and it took me MONTHS to figure out what it was.

  4. It turned out to be a widget for ads that came with WordPress Theme and for some reason, it was activated at the last update and even though it is supposed to be empty, it is supposed to be used if I want to place ads, but it was loaded with some other links. I did not noticed it till today and pissed the hell out of me.

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