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From the Oconee County Georgia Sheriff’s Office,  a full copy and paste
HK School

The Oconee Enterprise ran a story yesterday with a headline of “Armed Robber Hits Party City” or something to that effect.

The Party City was not robbed. Nothing close to that happened.

What happened was two idiots fought over pills in the parking lot of the Epps Bridge Center. One of them got hit in the head, and the other ran off with the pills. The loser of this tête-à-tête not only refused to cooperate, he left the scene prior to the investigator arriving. He even made some sort of comment about a hot dog being worth more than the deputy’s salary.

Two guys fighting over pills in a parking lot is not a store getting robbed.

Now, here is something that the paper didn’t have: The party of the first part struck the party of the second part in the head with a pistol. He left the pistol behind. Pistols aren’t much use if the ammunition is loaded in the magazine backwards. That’s been turning shootings in pistol-whoppings since 1892.

No yet to be made balloon animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

I lost it right there. 😀


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  1. I’d ask, “How stupid can these people get?”, but I’m afraid that they’d take it as a request for a demonstration.

  2. Is that a Sigma?

  3. WOw… just WOW!!!

  4. Looks more like an SD…not unreliable and if you replace the trigger not bad to shoot. Not a Glock but half the price. Of course you have to load it right.

    • It is an SD9. The SD series is a Sigma with some new frame molding and slide serrations. It was upgraded with M&P sights and the M&P jointed trigger. But it is still a Sigma on the inside. Accuracy is poor, reliability is a little better than the original Sigma. The first SD’s came with a front night sight but they quickly ditched that. It is S&W’s budget polymer gun. S&W can rebrand it as much as they want, but a Sigma is still a Sigma.

      • My sigma works great, but it’s true that the accuracy isn’t the best. Neither is my Taurus or my Kel-Tec. They all function reliably, though. If I want to shoot at 25 yards, I use my 1911 or my S&W model 28. For 7 yards, they all work reliably and hit the target. Anecdotal data, to be sure.

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