Some Prognostication

Last year there were several high profile terrorist attacks in France, the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the Porte de Vincennes siege, and the November Saint-Denis attacks.  All of these were carried out by radical Muslims, some native born, some immigrants and all  associated with ISIS or ISIL.

On Bastille Day, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Muslim immigrant from Tunisia, used a gun and a truck to kill at least 84 people and wound at least a hundred more in Nice, France.  In response to this attack, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said “Times have changed, and we should learn to live with terrorism. We have to show solidarity and collective calm.”

Recently released documents show that over 2,000 men sexually assaulted over 1,200 women in Germany on New Years Eve.  German public swimming pools are having to ban migrants  due to sexual assaults and rape of women in bathing suits and other disgusting things being done in pools.  The stories coming out of Germany are horrifying – a woman was recently gang raped by some refugees who claimed they raped the woman because they “were having a bad day.”

Migrants have turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe, with things getting worse every month.

We in the United States have been somewhat insulated from this level of terrorism.  The fact that America is separated from the Middle East by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans has kept us from having the refugee crisis that Europe is facing.  But it is starting to trickle over.

First, there was the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, where the shooter Omar Mateen, pledged allegiance to ISIS.

A 22-year-old Syrian refugee, Emad Hasso, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl at a public swimming pool in Lowell, Massachusetts.

A number of governors of US states have declared that they do not want refugees settled in their states.  Predictably, they have been lambasted as bigots and Islamophobes for this.

The deep thinkers at the New York Times have opined that the best way to fight these types of attacks and assaults is with tolerance and understanding.  We are told that the Nice attack was the results of Islamophobia, and if the West were just nicer to Muslim migrants, they would stop destroying things.  Lastly, Secretary of State John Kerry – another deep thinker – said that the Nice attacks are evidence that ISIS is “on the run” because … an increasing numbers of attacks is a sign of desperation.

I’m not an Ivy League educated deep thinker.  I’m just a blogger, educated in Flyover country, living in the Deep South.  I know I don’t have the insight that my Liberal betters have, but here is what I see happening in the near future.

Some uneducated, knuckle-dragging dad who has not learned to live with terrorism, armed with his hand held replacement phallus to make up for his inadequacy, in a flyover state that allows people to conceal carry, will be insufficiently sensitive to the cultural norms and history of systematic oppression of some poor “Syrian” refugee, and be intolerant of said refugee when said refugee sexually assaults his underage daughter because she was wearing a bating suit or he was bored, and causes that refugee to suffer from a sudden onset case of terminal lead poisoning.

The media and politicians with vested interests in refugee resettlement will give the recently deceased refugee the St. Travon Martin de Sanford treatment.   We will learn how Ahmed Muhammad Burqa Burqa Sadiqq was a poor, oppressed child, at 25 years old, who just couldn’t help himself around a 12 year old girl, because of Western Islamophobia.  Dad will be we roundly criticized as a bigot and Islamophobe.

This may be the ultimate downfall of the US pro-refugee moment.  Americans, at least Flyover Country Americans who cling to their guns and bibles, are made of sterner stuff than Europeans.  We won’t refuse to report or apologize for being raped by a refugee or feel guilty when the refugee rapist is punished, because of the rapist’s minority status.  The media may try to sell us the lie that this is just a cultural misunderstanding.

“The man who is diddling your 6th grader is not a bad person and just needs a hug and some understanding” is not a sentiment  American’s are going to accept.  The idea that we should feel anything but disgust and hatred, let alone sympathy and tolerance, for men who feel it is acceptable to rape our wives and daughters will be rejected faster and with more gut-churning disapproval than week old raw oysters.

The only question I have, how many times will this or a scenario like this play out?


4 Replies to “Some Prognostication”

  1. How many times? In Massachusetts, NY, or California it could be dozens. In Arizona, Wyoming, or Idaho, it won’t nearly be that long.


  2. My solution will be a shotgun blast to the face if they even think about assaulting women. No apologies. Maybe a double-tap.


  3. You left out the five-year-old who was raped and urinated on by a crowd of rapefugees ages 7 to 14. In that case, a stunning number of government officials are doing their best to hide the facts and protect the guilty.



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