My new favorite Lefty Moonbat: Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor of California.

This guy is just playing in another dimension and not a good one.  We are talking rats under the influence of bath salts dancing in the attic. For Florida residents, he tops Alan Greyson by at least 2.3 miles.

Here is some of the stuff I got out of his Twitter feed:

Gavin Newsom

Just the hamburger tweet is enough to consider sending him what Robin Williams called “sweater that lets you hug yourself.” I’ll keep bringing the occasional tweet for your entertainment.


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  1. Wait, Politifact actually said that since there are more gun shops than McDonalds in California, the statement that it’s easier to get a gun than a hamburger is true?

    Are we going to have to push for a background check and waiting period before you can buy a hamburger?

    • And an “approved” roster of low-cal, low-sodium, zero-carb, vegan-friendly, trans-fat-free hamburgers from which to choose?

      You know, “For t3h Childrenz!!!”

    • Gavin’s comment wasn’t that it’s easier than getting a hamburger, but rather easier than getting a Happy Meal. He said that because California banned Happy Meals. That tells us all we need to know about Mr. Newsome.

  2. That’s a stretch, indeed. Just because the gun shops outnumber the McDonald’s franchises doesn’t mean it’s easier to get a gun. Last time I checked, in California, there’s a mandatory 10-day waiting period (regardless of whether you have a CWP or not) and also a whole litany of other limitations. Guns may be more prolific than Big Macs, but they are still harder to get.

    I think all that hair product is infecting his brain.

    • In fairness, since guns aren’t generally made to be eaten, they do tend to stick around longer than burgers do.

      • That’s kinda what I was thinking. Since burgers are made to be eaten, most people will eat several, sometimes dozens, over the course of a year — quite unlike firearms, which most people won’t buy more than one or two over the course of a year, if that.

        If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s a fair wager that McDonald’s burger sales in the L.A. area alone probably exceeds all the gun sales at all gun shops in CA combined.

  3. Anyone else think this guy looks like Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman from the movie “American Psycho”?

  4. Every time I hear Gavin Newsom, I think of this Adam Carolla segment:

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