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If you’re pissed off because Ted Cruz didn’t endorse the man who attacked his wife’s looks and history of depression, insinuated his father was a murderer, andcalled him a liar, a globalist, and essentially a crackpot, then YOU are the problem – not the people who, like Cruz, are voting their conscience and continue to value freedom and the Constitution.

Seriously. Get a grip, because you’ve lost something far more important than a primary or an election or even a nation. You’ve lost something that matters beyond the temporal.



This has been pretty much the same set of excuses I’ve been hearing/reading all day about Cruz’s stunt at the RNC. I voted for him at the primaries because I thought he was the better candidate and not aligned with the GOP Elite. But what he did last night was disappointing, actually not what he did but what he said: “Vote your conscience” which is the official Anti Trump meme meaning “Don’t vote for Donald.”

If Cruz had come out on stage and said plainly “I can’t support Donald,” he would have kept my respect. I know he had promised during the debates he would do so, but a person has a right to change his mind. But using the “Vote your conscience” crap, told me he is not really an outsider maverick as he portrayed nor had the balls to stand in front of the conventioneers and say “Don’t vote for Oompa Loompa! he sucks!”

Ted ended up being another RINO wearing conservative cammo. And according to the capture above, he has a very thin skin in need of a Safe Space and got triggered and acted the way he did after the Donald called him names. Yep, that is a very mature and conservative attitude.

And as for “voting their conscience and continue to value freedom and the Constitution.” Is anybody in doubt that if Hillary wins, you can pretty much say goodbye to the Constitution? Does anybody doubt she will go full frontal against the Second Amendment? Is your conscience agreeable with that?

Get a grip, because you’ve lost something far more important than a primary or an election or even a nation.

Apparently some people still do not understand that what made this nation is the Constitution. They seem rather comfortable in losing it as long as they can be bratty about Donald Trump.

You cannot plea being a vestal Virgin when the barbarians are at the gate thinking that you won’t gate raped once the porticullis collapses.
You are gonna get penetrated just the same.


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  1. I’m still seeing on various gun blogs, people indignant about Trump, those people condescendingly berating anyone who has opted to support him. The battle is over, the anti-Trump crowd lost. What will they do, vote for Hillary? Vote for Gary Johnson and his anti-gun VP candidate? It’s Trump or nothing at this point, for better or worse.

    Cruz should have just sat this one out and not given a speech at all. All he’s done is continue to keep the party fractured at a time when it needs to unite. Or at the very least, come out and said “I don’t like him, but for the sake of the party, vote Trump” or something similar.

  2. …and then Ted told everyone that “vote your conscience ” meant voting for Trump OR SOME OTHER CANDIDATE.
    Ted Cruz is working to insure a Hillary Clinton victory, so HE can have an easier run at the nomination in 2020… and so-called conservatives are cheering his “honor “.

    • Brilliant Strategy. That worked in 1976, when Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan.

      It also worked in 2008, when Barack Obama gave us President Mitt Romney in 2012.

  3. My conscience will not let me vote for Donald Trump. And I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES vote for the evil bitch from the left.

    But my state will go Republican, no matter what. It’s as close to a lock as you’ll see this side of heaven. I have the luxury of letting my conscience guide me, and I’ll probably vote Johnson.

    If I were in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Florida for God’s sake, that luxury isn’t available. The she-beast must be stopped at all costs. I understand where Cruz is coming from. I think Trump is exactly what Cruz called him those several months ago.

    Is Hillary any better? No, likely not. I’m not at all convinced that Trump is any different than Hillary. He’s no friend of the Constitution either. They are both authoritarian statists.

    And neither is talking about the real Number one threat to this nation: our unwillingness to get federal spending under control. If we don’t do that, all will ultimately be lost anyway.

    The only advantage to Trump is that he might get the inevitable disaster over with sooner.

  4. First of all, I applaud Cruz for at least being honest about it.

    It makes me want to puke the way that everyone at that convention is acting like having Trump as the nominee is what they wanted from Day One.

    I listened to several speeches, and watched the way the delegates are cheering about how wonderful Trump is and it convinces me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Republican party is only slightly to the right of the Democrat party. There is not a single conservative at that convention.

    On the other hand, Cruz’s speech as childish, petty, and very unbecoming of a Senator, or for that matter, an adult.

  5. Never liked Cruz. Never liked Trump, either. But I’m gonna vote for Trump, because the alternative is a dreary slide into a new Soviet America, led by the “Animals who are more equal than others.” Make no mistake, that’s what they want. And voting for a libertarian is just a wasted vote. If Trump doesn’t work out, there is still 2020. If Hilary gets in, kiss 2020 goodbye.

  6. I loved Cruz’s speech.

    I would have gone up on that stage and said:

    “Donald Trump wants my endorsement. We’ll he insulted my wife. He insulted my dad. His people insulted my daughters. He did nothing but call me names. He has brought down the level of discussion and dignity of this party. Donald Trump can take my endorsement, wrap it up in his hair piece, and use his tiny, tiny hands to shove it all up his ass.”

    But Cruz is classier than I am and didn’t insult Trump back. I have respect for him for that.

    I am going to vote my conscience and not vote for president at all. I can’t choose the form of my destructor. What makes it worse is the insults from the Trump supporters. The very second I start to come around to Trump, his supporters turn me off again.

    The greatest joy in life that I can imagine right now is Trump getting elected and revealing himself to be a liberal Democrat that pulled the wool over the eyes of the GOP masses. That “told you so” will be delicious.

    Then when the ensuing civil war breaks out, I’ll be glad I stockpiled so much ammo.

    • JKB,
      If you don’t vote for trump, you are voting for Hilary. Plain and simple. If Hilary gets in, we will never have another free election. If trump doesn’t work out, he’s out in four years. Someone else may rise to the occasion. If Hilary gets in, it’s game over. Vote trump. Hold your nose if you have to — I will — but vote trump.

      • Horse shit and that’s what people have been saying about Obama for the past 8 years, no more elections. Hillary winning will be no fun but like j kB i agree, im being forced to choose my destruction. Who cares if it is slow poisoning or a quick hanging, it kills me all the same both ways. If we keep playing the game it will never change.

      • Then why did I hear Republican after Republican say they would not vote for McCain or Romney and let Obama win TWICE to send a message to the GOP to stop selection RINOs?

        When it’s not your guy, you can sscuttle the ship. When it is your guy, principled conservatives need to sell out to block the Dems.

        • I never heard people protest McCain or Romney half as hard as I hear people protest Trump. I voted for both McCain and Romney. Honestly, I’m a little glad that McCain lost, because he’d have been the same as Obama, but the Republicans would have footed the bill, but Romney was benign at worst, and I knew a guy who refused to support him because he hates Mormons.

          Yeah, because the Republican party is the one that should oppress people for their religious beliefs.

          We haven’t had a proper conservative in 30 years because the party’s bought the lie that candidates need to “run towards the center,” but every Democrat win in those same 30 years is because perfectionist Republicans refused to support their own party and vote for a candidate who didn’t agree with everything they did.

          Trump will owe his victory to the likes of CNN and NBC. Clinton and Obama owed their victories to you guys.

    • If we want to stop the liberal media machine and get a decent shot at president 8 years from now, Trump *must* win. It’s not about his policies. He doesn’t have anything in the way of real policies. It’s about fighting the liberal media hate machine. If Trump loses, after the campaign he’s run, then it proves that the Left control the media, and they will continue to control the media until judgement day. If Hillary wins the presidency this year, the Democrats and SJW liberals will control the USA until the end of humanity.

      When Trump wins, the liberal hate machine will be defeated, and it will die to an attack they really can’t defend against: the fact that all their insults are just words, and we’ve only ever lost by letting them control us.

      Trump needs to win this year, or in 2024, we won’t have an election for president. The Democrats will simply appoint a queen.

    • So it’s okay with you if we end up with President Hillary… because Cruz’s wife was insulted.
      And you love the speech where Cruz broke his word and encouraged voters to help Hill win.
      And you want Trump to fail so you can feel good and sneer at his supporters.


      Hey guys: Y’all remember a few weeks ago when I said that voters who voted ‘independent’ were doing so not out of love of America or of the Constitution, but because they wanted to feel smug? Example right here.

  7. So I like Ted Cruz. I like him being in the Senate. He does good work for freedom, and he’s better than most of the “Republicans” in there with him.

    I’m not thrilled about the rivalry he’s picked up with Trump. I was under the impression that was just a thing for the primaries, and they would bury the hatchet once the nominations were sorted out. I kind of suspect Trump felt the same way. Still, I can’t really fault Cruz for still being bitter about it.

    However, Ted Cruz has never been Rand Paul. Cruz has, at best, been a good copy of Paul. Which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but it really started to show when he tried to challenge Donald Trump.

    You see, Paul’s idea of challenging Trump was to address him on the serious issues. Cruz’s idea of challenging Trump is to beg for a handout. I thought it was weak and pathetic, and if Ted Cruz tries to go on the campaign trail against the liberal media, they’ll tear him apart, eat him for lunch, and throw out the rest. And then not only will we not score the White House seat, but we’d be out a perfectly good Senator, too.

    No, in my opinion, Trump being president is the better option, if for no other reason than it leaves Cruz and Paul free to fight the good fight in Congress. And with a Republican in the White House, they can actually fight an even battle for a change.

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