Mennonite shooting spree in Munich.


Munich attack

NRA and Trump blamed for not allowing Universal Background Checks for all gun buys, hating gays and something to do with the No-Fly list.


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  1. Comments in the press: “We don’t know anything yet but we can assure you it doesn’t has anything to do with islam.“

    • Braden Lynch : July 22, 2016 at 6:53 pm

      …and that is why I have zero trust in the media. When they became collaborators with the muslims and apologists for their barbarity, they lost all credibility.

  2. […] was a Mennonite terrorist! __________________ "Heavy iz a sign of reliability. Eef it doezent wurk? You ken alvays […]

  3. Now they’re reporting it alternately as an Anders Brevik attack or a teen off his meds. Either way he still managing get his hands on a banned gun and no one in his target audience was similarly armed…..

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