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A police officer shot an unarmed black man in the street with his hands up.  This was captured on cell phone video.  The black man is a therapist at a group home and he was trying to assist an autistic man who had escaped the home and was playing with toy truck in the street.

Now I doubt that this shooting was racially motivated as, right now, there seems to be no reason the cop should have fired at all.  I’m going to guess that it was just a lack of trigger discipline in a stressful situation.

Hopefully this cop will have plenty of time to learn this lesson – in prison.

Sound harsh?  Maybe, but consider that if you are I shot somebody in an AD, our negligence gets us sent to prison.




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  1. The Fallout of Stupid is already having consequences:

    A North Miami police commander who radioed that a man was loading his weapon just before healthcare professional Charles Kinsey was shot was suspended without pay Friday for misleading investigators at the police department.

    Sources familiar with the investigation into the incident that left Kinsey hospitalized for several days say Cmdr. Emile Hollant did more than just relay bad information — in a poor attempt to cover his tracks, he told police he wasn’t present when officer Jonathan Aledda shot Kinsey.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article91406042.html#storylink=cpy

  2. As the parent of a retarded/autistic spectrum child, this event terrifies me.

    I’ve enough worries in calming The Boy down with just The Boy to worry about. If they don’t punish this officer severely then it’s going to be OK to shoot first as a defacto matter.

    • I have always said that every Police Officer should be like every firefighter, a trained EMT. This would be invaluable since police are usually the first on the scene and could provide life saving treatment before EMS shows up. But I think it would also make police more familiar with emotional disturbance. What an autistic tantrum or a diabetic episode looks like and how to deal with people who may be having a medical crisis. Believe me, a disoriented autistic man or elderly dehydrated patient can and should be calmed down with glass of juice, not a bullet. I wan’t cops who know that.

      • Some, very few LEO agencies do train some of their officers to provide basic First Responder care. I don’t think they should be fully trained paramedics, but the would benefit of a nice basic Old School First Aid classes.

  3. The only thing I heard was on the Howie Carr show, someone in the crowd said, he has a gun..sad

  4. According to the second paragraph in the article linked and also in other published reports, the LEO was aiming át the kid with the toy truck and hit the therapist 3 times BY ACCIDENT.



  5. According to the second paragraph here and also in other published reports, the LEO was aiming át the kid with the toy truck and hit the therapist 3 times BY ACCIDENT.


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