“You Americans are soft. Can’t live without AC.”

The U.S. transposed over Europe maintaining the same latitudes.

US Europe latitude

I saw how Florida matches Egypt and decided to check the latitude of a well know Egyptian historical site: the Valley of the Kings where the pyramids are located.  You have seen video of the place, hot as hell, sandy, etc.

Valley of the Kings

It turns out that the latitude for the Valley of the Kings is 25.7402° N. Miami’s latitude is 25.7617°and we have humidity enough to rust plastic.

Oh yes, quite soft, aren’t we?


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  1. That’s a neato tool! I loves me some maps (and also was a navigator in the USAF) and once in a while have to explain to clueless folks the various formats of map projections and how/when they are used, none of which is to do crap like “make Europe look bigger and more important than Africa.”

  2. Latitude isn’t everything. There’s also the location of the Jet Stream and Gulf Stream that moves moisture across the U.S causing humidity. So geography also plays a part…

  3. clockworkgremlin : July 24, 2016 at 9:39 am

    Well I can live without air conditioning, and I’m located right on top of Sicily in that graphic. On the other hand, I’m located over a mile above Sicily in that graphic, in a region that’s considered a high-altitude desert…

  4. Interesting graphic you’ve put together there! I see I’m located right about the southern tip of the Sinai desert. That explains a lot.

    You have worse humidity than I do, which is one of the original reasons I moved here from down there.

  5. As close as I can tell, I’m in Albania.

  6. Well, that map places me off the west coast of Scotland, about parallel with the Shetland Islands. So, AC, maybe not such an important thing….

    But, in sympathy, I did live for quite a few years in areas where AC was a requirement.

    And your point is quite valid. These folks from Europe that claim we are soft, or are wasting resources by using things like AC are not actually looking at maps with a critical eye.

  7. Hey look… Phoenix would still be hot as hell!

  8. I had this same conversation with my wife not an hour ago. I don’t think most of the Euros would live for a week in the high 90s, with high humidity, before they appreciated Mr. Carrier’s ingenious invention. (I remember a few years ago, people were dying from heat in London when it got into the high 80s. If I lived in their grey, damp, dreary climate for very long, I’d probably hang myself, since it would be illegal to shoot myself. But I don’t advocate they ban umbrellas.)

  9. As always the ‘articles’ complaining about AC in the US come from useless SJW.

    Here in France modern(ized) office buildings all have AC.

    Homes in southern Europe are now also slowly getting AC.

    We don’t have AC mostly because:
    – it’s not really needed as we don’t face the deadly combo: moisture + heat
    – most housing in cities is old/historical making AC a bit of a challenge (ie: $$$$)
    – energy is quite expensive here

    But again things are changing. 25 years ago AC was only found in high end cars. Nowadays you’d be hard pressed to see a new car sold without it.

    In short: we don’t have AC because we’re poor.

  10. Grew up about where Benghazi would be in Libya, WITHOUT A/C… You learn how to deal with it (hydrate a LOT)… and high ceilinged rooms with big windows.

  11. I have to comment since i’m an “Euro”. First, i’ d like a link to the article about “soft Americans”. Second, I probably said it somewhere earlier, but it’s not fair to put all of Europe into one basket. 50 countries, various nationalities and climates. You don’t like it when someone says that all Americans are the same, do you. As i’ve heard, in Sweden, they have AC all year long. Various factors come into play, economy, and as said above, plenty of buildings that are old as the USA.

  12. @darko: And what is the general feeling you see when a mass shooting happens in Europe. I’m interested in how the media over there reports those events like the Paris shootings, Nice murders, and what just happened in Munich.

    • ha, that’s a tricky question. Media is somewhat avoiding to name a reason. Although, for the idiot in the munich shopping mall shooting, the reason is bullying and playing Counter strike.

      The general public is divided. On one side are the ones who were against the recent refugee influx against those who were all welcoming and trying to shame those who are against it. But, the “welcomers” are silent at the moment.

  13. Coincidence that ct lines up with former soviet republics?

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