This is why Jihadists will take over Europe.

AP Normandy beheading priest

Asides the screaming of Allah-SnackBar, decapitating an 84-year-old priest and ISIS celebrating, there is no real motive we can pin.

Take equal parts of Political Correctness and Cowardice, shake well and you get blind lemmings happily heading for the cliff.


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  1. Or, we see a backlash against the current Leftist and Oh So Politically Correct EU Government.
    Already, the cracks are showing- witness the Brexit, or the resurgence of “Rightist” parties across the continent.
    As with most Socialist experiments, the EU is unworkable financially- they’re running out of other people’s money and can’t keep papering over the cracks.

    Either way, Europe is in for some “interesting times”..

  2. Like I said before it’s a matter of how soon the ovens will be fired up and who is at the controls.

  3. Had read something a little while back about how frustrating it must be to commit an act of terrorism, and have the main stream media say you are not doing it for the reasons you claim. It sounded like some kind of Monty Python skit. Went something like this:

    “I am killing you in the name of allah and ISIS”
    “No you aren’t.”

    “Wait… what?…”

    “You are not killing me for that reason, you are just misunderstood. You are lashing out at your oppressors because we are treating you with bias and prejudice because of Islamaphobia.”

    “No, I was pretty clear. I am attacking you because of my religion and to honor allah.”

    “No, you aren’t. And I apologize for the mistreatment you received at the hands of westerners. I am very sorry.”

    “You are sorry? I am the one killing you, and you apologize to me? How many people do I have to kill for you to get my message?”

    Or something like that. If I can find the original, will post a link.

    • It is Rawstory… I don’t think you need to demonstrate any more stupid.

      But Clayton Cramer does a damned good job.

      • Thanks for the link. I read the entire article by Clayton Cramer and it was very well done. I wish that he would update it and let us know when he is finished. It is a fine example of why people need to care about constitutional history and court cases. Almost no one does, it seems, yet it is more important than a million tweets….

        • I am sure he has a couple more articles, but he produces at such volume that I can’t keep track of all. He has one on how Church Carry is a tradition going back to Colonial times.

  4. Somewhere along the line I remember reading that if all immigration were to stop today, by 2030 France will still be a majority Muslim nation. Perhaps Paris can be the location of the new Caliphate.

  5. To the AP’s credit, they did update the story once it became clear:

    Maybe they just didn’t have all that info in the beginning?

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