This is what’s coming to a neighborhood near you.


The blue ribbons were to celebrate the memory of the police officers fallen on the line of duty by members of the “progressive” movement. The young fella appears to have taken umbrage to that.
Elections have consequences. he might be appointed the Neighborhood Commissar in the future.


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  1. That BLM hipster has no idea how much of a caricature he is!

  2. clockworkgremlin : July 28, 2016 at 11:38 am

    What are the charges for littering in that neighborhood?

  3. Somebody needs to kick is ass up around his ears… Grrr…

  4. So much passion, so little brains.

  5. Would he care to patrol the urban inner cities, since he cares so much about BLM?

  6. Gary Edwards : July 28, 2016 at 3:44 pm
  7. I can’t wait till he’s calling the cops to report the ass whooping he just got. Since he’s a Staten Island resident… I can see this happening very soon.

  8. Anyone want to wager he’s also a proponent of gun control?

  9. The people being memorialized by those ribbons volunteered to enforce NY gun laws. Any of them would have thrown you or me in prison if they found us exercising enumerated rights. Vandalism is wrong, but this crime is no more evil than someone defacing a memorial to Stalin or Franklin Roosevelt.

  10. Backfeifengesicht

  11. And he would gladly moved to the back after being told to do so by BLM leaders. What a moron.

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