I was wondering…

I watched a cop TV show where a White Guy snaps (always a White Guy) after losing his good job, losing his house and car, his wife divorcing him and he basically being penniless, but yet he manages to get his hands on a couple of brand new handguns, at least one full auto Uzi and a high-powered assault rifle with a scope that is worth more than all the guns combined.

Is there a Salvation Army of Guns for deranged White Guys I have not been informed about? You walk in, explain your situation and they give you all those wonderful tools of revenge for free?



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  1. Didn’t you know that free expensive firearms are one of the perks of white privilege?

  2. Sorry, Miguel, Scrappycrow is right. It’s kinda like a secret handshake kinda thing. I got mine way back when, back when I registered for selective service. After you send in the card, they mail back your White Privilege Kit, which includes special instructions for these things. We can’t tell you the details, cause, ya know, white privilege.

  3. Are you sure it was a TV show and not the film ‘Falling Down’, with Michael Douglas?

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