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This is a complicated area, but it seems important to note that as the cost of obtaining a carry permit has dropped in Texas, the pool of carriers has become more diverse. “The growth in permit-holding by Asians, blacks, and American Indians,” writes Lott, “was by far the fastest after the minimum training requirements were reduced from 10 hours to four in 2013 . . . reducing the cost of obtaining permits seems to have had its biggest impact on minorities.”

Source: Concealed Carry: Race, Sex Show Increasing Diversity | National Review

Wait, what? What are those minorities doing? Don’t they now that owning guns means you are a KKK member who wants to kill Negroes and Jooos?

Florida does not carry stats by race, only by sex. The numbers have been steady for a couple of years or so at 76% males and 24% females out of the 1,598,213 valid licenses. That means 399,553 women in Florida went through the process of buying a firearm, getting training, paid the fee, got photographed and fingerprinted. Moms Demand Facebook page, that only requires one click of a mouse, has 531.193 “Likes” for the whole country.


Clearly the devotion is on one side.


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  1. Women are the fastest growing demographic for concealed carry permits and the gender gap is continuing to close each year. Naturally since women earn less than men, it makes sense that as the prices of classes and applications dropped the numbers of female applications would rise somewhat proportionately.



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