No wonder Chicago is all screwed up.

The shooting and death of Paul O’Neal, a teenager in Chicago is under investigation. The final shot that took his life is being questioned as it is being said he was unarmed when he was stopped in the backyard of a home.
O’Neal had stolen a car and used it to ram patrol cars and almost running over CPD officers (click here for the video) so what it floored me was the following information in the article:

The city’s use-of-force policy explicitly bars police from firing at a moving vehicle if it represents the only threat against officers.

Source: Cop-shooting videos show officer firing at fleeing car, shot suspect being cuffed – Chicago Tribune

I beg your pardon? It is the policy of the Chicago Police Department to allow criminals to run over officers? You would think it is a joke, right? Nope:

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson took quick action after the shooting, stripping three officers who opened fire at O’Neal of their police powers and saying it appeared they had violated departmental policies.

And much as in Baltimore, I expect they will be served in a platter to calm the masses. From what I can read in the article, it was just one officer who did the final shooting with nobody else around. But as usual, we will need to wait for more information to filter out.

But it is clear that O’Neal used the stolen Jaguar as a weapon against officers and that they cannot defend themselves or stop a continuing threat to others is rank politically correct stupidity.

And deadly.

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  1. Now that the beans have been spilled about that asinine “no shooting at vehicles” policy — and now that certain officers made an example of — expect more “homicide by car” attacks against Chicago PD officers.

    Also, queue up all the standard jokes about how gun laws compared to vehicle laws:
    – Was that an “assault vehicle”, with no legitimate driving purpose?
    – We should register all cars, so that this won’t happen again! (Oh, wait…)
    – We should license and register all car owners and operators, so that this won’t happen again! (Oh, wait…)
    – We should make licenses and registrations expire every couple years so that owners and drivers have to continually re-register and keep their information current! (Oh, wait…)
    – We should mandate “smart cars” that only function for authorized users, so that this won’t happen again! Like with a unique key or something! (Oh, wait…)
    – We should mandate expensive liability insurance on car owners, to pay for the damage their dangerous toys cause! (Oh, wait…)
    – Did he use a “high-capacity” vehicle, that holds more than 6 people or 10 gallons of fuel?
    – Who needs to own a big shiny car like that? It’s just a replacement for a teeny-tiny wee-wee! (Yes, I went there.)
    – Congress could do something if they weren’t all in the pocket of the evil AAA!

    And so on….


  2. Beginning to do some research on these police shootings on unarmed people.

    Question for the folks here. What was Paul O’Neal’s job? Or was he attending school/college somewhere? What field was he taking up?

    Just curious if anyone here knows, as I am beginning to see a bit of a pattern, but unfortunately do not have the time to start looking into it in any depth yet.



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