Probably happening sooner than later.

I figure that it’s only a matter of time before some ISIS kook manages to get into a gun-free victim zone like DisneyWorld and amass a substantial body count due to a lack of shooting back thanks to the disarmament policies of The Mouse.

Source: The Abode of McThag: Feeling Unwanted

And after the screwed up response by the Orlando PD with the Pulse shooting, I would not be surprised that it will happen at any time. The impression given was of Tactical Keystone Cops and that is not very intimidating.

So what is the response from the Chief? To go in a junket to the Middle east:

Now Orlando Police Chief Mina is joining a delegation of police chiefs headed to Israel to learn from Israeli counter-terrorism experts, but still can’t seem to grasp how poor Orlando’s leadership was in response to this attack.In one breath, Mina notes that the Israelis—like law enforcement agencies around the world, including many in the United States, have a pretty good idea on how to handle Orlando-type attacks.

Source: Orlando Chief Who Screwed Up Pulse Response Goes To Terrorism School – Bearing Arms

I know the Israelis are good at counter-terrorism, but he did  not need to go far. If there is anything in Florida is premier schools all over the place that can teach the local cops how to respond to Active Shooter situations. In fact there is one not even 20 miles west where the top firearm instructors regularly teach from the basics to serious ninja shit.  And they can probably get some classes up for cops next week, not sometime in the future.

But looking cool is more important than actually doing the right thing.


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  1. “But looking cool is more important than actually doing the right thing.”

    Plus it’s more fun to travel to a Mediterranean tourist destination than to travel 20 miles west from your local tourist destination.

  2. nuke_road_warrior : August 6, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Not to deny the Israelis the opportunity to make a few shekels off of our politicians, but I am continually frustrated at the fact that we always look to Israel for anti-terror expertise, yet routinely ignore what we learn from them. i.e. radical elements of a certain mid-eastern religion (that must not be named) are at the heart of nearly all domestic and international terrorist events.

    • I hope he doesn’t come back from Israel and make all his officers carry with empty chambers. (That seems to be the number-one Israeli technique.)

  3. Going to Israel? It is all about appearances and credentialism. I thought all the police forces learned from the San Ysidro McDonalds and the Columbine attacks? You go in hard and capture or kill the bad guys in an active shooter situation. I guess they forgot all they learned 20 years ago?

    Now the terrorists all know al they have to do to get more time to kil people is claim you have snipers out there and bombs too. No need to demonstrate the capability, the police are going to back off and negotiate. In the mean time, victims will bleed out, the terrorist can reload and kill more hostages.

  4. Rob Crawford : August 8, 2016 at 7:51 am

    Disney security spotted the freak and reported him — only to have the FBI decide he was no threat. While I despise mandatory disarmament, I also suspect Disney security is a bit more muscular than what we see at the park gates.

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