CNN’s Golden Gun

Must be Black Gold, Texas Tea.

CNN Golden Gun

The video auto-starts and it is a “history” of the Assault Rifle. You actually have to scroll down to finally reach the picture of Goering’s PPK. If I was a suspicious person, I would be inclined to think there might have been a small case of absence of malice in this article.

Goring walther PPK Gold

That is just plum ugly.

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  1. With such an ostentatious gun, I feel like Goring was compensating for something.

    • The guy had some SERIOUS issues- when he was captured, he was wearing makeup, lipstick, and nail polish.
      However, during the Nuremberg trials, he got off the morphine, and was considered a savvy and dangerous opponent in the courtroom. Too bad the bastard cheated his due hanging.

      • Something people (allow themselves to) forget is that many of the original Nazis were men of some physical courage. Hermann Goering (while totally balls as a military manager) was a World War 1 fighter ace and was credited with between 17 and 22 air victories… in an era before parachutes.
        Man like that wants to have a pretty gold gun with pimpin’ ivory grips? I say let him.

        • I didn’t say he wasn’t brave- dude’s got to have some courage to surrender while wearing makeup and full dress uniform.

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