CNN’s Golden Gun

Must be Black Gold, Texas Tea.

CNN Golden Gun

The video auto-starts and it is a “history” of the Assault Rifle. You actually have to scroll down to finally reach the picture of Goering’s PPK. If I was a suspicious person, I would be inclined to think there might have been a small case of absence of malice in this article.

Goring walther PPK Gold

That is just plum ugly.

Hat Tip @Minutemaniac

4 Replies to “CNN’s Golden Gun”

    1. The guy had some SERIOUS issues- when he was captured, he was wearing makeup, lipstick, and nail polish.
      However, during the Nuremberg trials, he got off the morphine, and was considered a savvy and dangerous opponent in the courtroom. Too bad the bastard cheated his due hanging.


      1. Something people (allow themselves to) forget is that many of the original Nazis were men of some physical courage. Hermann Goering (while totally balls as a military manager) was a World War 1 fighter ace and was credited with between 17 and 22 air victories… in an era before parachutes.
        Man like that wants to have a pretty gold gun with pimpin’ ivory grips? I say let him.


        1. I didn’t say he wasn’t brave- dude’s got to have some courage to surrender while wearing makeup and full dress uniform.



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