Which state has the worst drivers in the U.S.? 

1. Florida. Floridians Google “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets” more than any other state. They also have the second lowest number of insured drivers in the nation.

Source: Which state has the worst drivers in the U.S.? – CBS News

I am classified as “Old Lady-type” driver because I don’t go over 9 mph over posted unless I am passing somebody. But you really have to push your speed limit to get a ticket in counties without speed traps. I have friends who got stopped doing past 90 and more on a 65 and were let go with a warning. My wife did get a ticket for being 25 mph above the speed in a weirdly designated 10 mph street near her old job location, but that was set by the city and not the state or even the county and she never saw the sign till it was too late. She hates the idea that I never got a ticket and I refrain from making fun of her.

According to stats from the Federal Highway Administration, Florida is 19th in traffic fatalities with 12.5 per 100,000.  So just because we drive fast, does not mean we totally suck. Add to that the unofficial passing lane is whichever is available and slam the pedal, and we really are awesome drivers.

As for the insurance thing? That is one law that will never be enforced in this climate of political correctness and having sanctuary cities,. No LEO is going to allow him/herself being accused as hater.

And when we have accidents, you can honestly say: “Well, it is Florida.”



Yes, a whole set of highway traffic signs knocked down by a truck.


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  1. Back in 2012 I spent a one-month vacation (*) driving from NYC down to west-NC/east-TN and back to NYC. Approximately 3500 miles. I spend most of my time driving 10 mph above the speed limit, sometimes +15.

    I went by a couple of cops in the median who didn’t seem to care. I guess as long as you go with the flow, or don’t swerve all over the place there’s some leeway?

    What troubled me the most at first was that you can pass on any lane you want (or so it seems). In France and Europe in general, passing on the right is a big no-no.
    When driving from Atlantic City back to NYC there was a “stay right unless passing” (or something like that) but aside from this, it seemed no one cared.

    Also: trucks (as in big rigs). I was surprised to see a semi pass me doing 75mph. Trucks in Europe are electronically limited to ~100kph / 62mph.

    (*) yes, I’m French! But as an independent contractor, “no work, no money”. I only take a real vacation (ie: take two weeks or more and travel) every four or five years. Had fun eating, visiting nice places, riding a Harley, shooting two thousand rounds through various full auto rentals, …. You can still hate if you want. 🙂

  2. I still remember a buddy who was a paramedic in Miami who responded to a blue hair that had hit a bus stop, and ANOTHER blue hair hit the ambulance (all lights still on) and knocked it into the bus stop too! Thankfully, they had moved the people further up on the sidewalk. He got a herniated disc from the ambulance knocking him and the gurney about six feet forward

  3. Jeremiah Weed : August 9, 2016 at 12:02 am

    Lived in Pensacola for a while. I swear the old folks had a game where they would lie in wait at a stop sign. Once somebody approached their intersection, they would pull out, turn right, go half the legal speed limit, and execute a right-hand turn at the first or second opportunity (presumably so they could play again). I’d be the only car in sight, and they’d wait to pull out right in front of my bright red Jeep.

  4. Colorado (or California, most of our drivers are from there) didn’t even make the top 10.

    Note to self: Stay out of Nevada, Texas, Tennisee, Vermont, Alabama, Delaware, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Florida. The roads HERE are deathtraps, I can’t imagine what they’re like in the top 10.

  5. The thing about Florida is that a good number of our drivers are 1) super old 2) from all over the place

  6. I’ve lived my entire driving life in FL. Never once was ticketed “legitimately.” So I’ve done Google searches for those terms and played the traffic lawyer payoff game many times.

    Panama City is a traffic cop’s paradise, but the biggest offender is actually Gadsden County right next door to me. Ironic name for a place that survives on malum prohibitum “income.” Dont tread on “their” roads or you WILL get a ticket.

    Also, college students and constant rain make for lots of wrecks here in Tallahassee.

    Which reminds me, I need new tires.

  7. I spent half of my working life driving a truck. From New York to L.A. and I swear the worst driver are in Iowa. After I retired, I started delivering pizza part time. Mostly to get out of the house and make a little extra cash. Some of the things I see just amaze me. The worse ones are the texters, followed closely by the idiots yapping on their phones. They drive around with their heads firmly planted up their asses.

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