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Trump, in typical Trump fashion, made a statement that Hillary will take the Presidency – after a rigged election, of course – and appoint anti-gun Justices that will take everybody’s gun, and there is nothing anybody can do to stop her… except maybe those “Second Amendment people.”

The mass media immediately glommed onto this statement as Trump calling for an assassination of Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I think he meant more along the lines of the NRA-ILA and grass roots pro-gun movement, but the media has to media.

There is already the comparison that what Trump did was as bad or worse as Palin’s crosshairs over Congressional districts map that supposedly got Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shot.

palin giffords

Expect it didn’t.  Jared Lee Loughner was completely, grade A fertilizer, bat shit level crazy, and had no political motivation for his shooting.  Still, the media tried to put Gifford’s blood on Palin’s hands.

But now anti-Gun politicians, like Senator Chris Murphy, have jumped onto the “Trump just called for Hillary’s assassination and crazy gun owning Trump fans will do it.”

chris murphy


Whether or not Trump was really calling for an assassination or just making an offhand comment about the political power of gun rights organizations is now neither here nor there.  The media and antis have a narrative and they are going to run with it.

Now my fear is that this imprecise and Trumpish statement by Trump will be used against law abiding gun owners.

Have gun?  Support Trump?  Don’t support Hillary?  Well… maybe you’re just a potential assassin?

I don’t know where this is going to go, but I don’t like it.

As for Trump: a smarter man, or at least a more savvy man, knowing the media was out to sink him, would be a little clearer in making a statement like this, as it is not hard to predict the way the media would twist it.  But no.  He had to be Trump and make a statement as blunt and obtuse as the tips of his stubby, little, cocktail weenie fingers.



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  1. Indeed. Trump needs to realize the media is out to get him and any slight verbal misstep will be magnified times a thousand into a massive ordeal.

  2. Does anybody expect fair treatment from the Media? Have we been anything else but potential assassins/mass murderers for the other side? So why are we even bothering to give two craps at the latest fake outrage form the Democrats and its puppies in the Media?

    So far the only people being shot for who they like as candidate are Trump supporters


  3. Problem is, that the media will mis-state ANYTHING he says and make it seem that Trump is calling for a) mass rebellion, b) killing and eating babies, c) shooting blacks, etc. just like they did with this. There is no stopping them. “It’s false but accurate” is their motto. The only way to stop them would be for Trump to stop speaking TOTALLY. And I don’t mean that in the sense that he has to pass every word that comes out of his mouth through a set of handler filters either. The press is willing and EAGER to outright lie for their prog/demshovik masters and unfortunately we can’t do anything about it.

  4. Trump really need to learn to shut his mouth. Politicians hire speech writers for a reason.

    • Trump really need to learn to shut his mouth

      That is precisely what they want. Mute candidate.

      • What ROBERTSGUNSHOP probably meant was: “Trump really needs to learn to shut his mouth when he gets the urge to speak extemporaneously. Politicians hire speech writers for a reason.”

        Trump does not need to be muted, but he does need to exercise far more discretion. “Discretion is the better part of valor” or so the saying goes.

  5. nuke_road_warrior : August 10, 2016 at 10:12 am

    Let’s see, NRA (or GOA, SAF, etc) membership plus registered Republican plus posting on pro gun blogs equals terror watch list; NO GUNS FOR YOU! and an all expense paid vacation at a “reeducation” camp.

    Sigh, I once lived in a free country.

  6. This whole post is victim blaming, no different from sending students home in California for wearing a shirt bearing an American flag to school. Donald Trump is not in the wrong for stating (rightly) that Hillary Clinton wants to repeal the 2nd amendment, nor is he in the wrong for attempting to appeal to the 2nd-Amendment voting base. The Media and Liberal politicians are in the wrong for inflating, exaggerating, and outright lying about the situation.

    And here you are blaming Donald Trump for the lies that the news media tell about him.

    • I’m not victim blaming. You and I and and everyone else knows that the media is out to get Trump. He should watch what he says carefully so to be as unambiguous as possible. Don’t give the media any rope with which to hang him. Instead he blather from the hip and gets caught in a media trap.

      If you know that you have to walk through a mine field, you watch your step. Trump just starts stomping around. If he blows a foot off, he did it to himself.

      • The media would twist literally anything Trump says into something negative. He doesn’t have to give them material, they’ll make it up if they have to. They’ve been doing it all along.

        When anything you do gets you in trouble, there’s no point in trying to stay out of trouble. Trump recognized day 1 that the media would lynch him with their double-standards and instead opted not to play by their rules. THAT is why I like Donald Trump.

        • At the end of the day, I don’t so much give a shit about the blowback Trump will face for what Trump says. That’s on him.

          What I do care about, and the point if this post, is that now law abiding gun owners are going to feel blowback. There is going to be a focus by the media on gun owners who support Trump or don’t like Hillary, to make us look like crazy potential assassins. This will turn into a hatchet job against gun owners. That I resent.

          • Gun owners are potentially the one group that the media hates more than Donald Trump. They were going to twist anything about the 2A into terrorist rhetoric already, anyway. They always have.

            Still nothing to see here.

      • You and I and and everyone else knows that the media is out to get Trump.

        You and I and everyone else … except perhaps Trump himself.

        He’s still riding on all the free publicity the MSM gave him leading up to the RNC — all available talk show slots, interviews, Q&A sessions, townhalls, etc. — and he seems to be assuming they’ll always support him that way. He hasn’t yet figured out that they’ve turned on him like a pack of sharks. (Or jackals, if you prefer.)

        You and I and everyone else predicted that would happen, too. But again, apparently not Donald Trump.

  7. Remember, there has already been at least one really-for-real assassination attempt on Trump. The only thing that foiled it was a retention holster.

    But, sure, let’s make Trump out to be the one causing violence.

  8. Is that you Rubio???

  9. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. He has said all along that the media is dishonest. He keeps trolling and they keep taking the bait proving him right at every turn. The piling on from the media is going to nullify them. The public is starting to treat the media with the contempt they deserve. Soon enough they’ll be ignoring the media’s BS altogether.
    The media is just an extension of the Democratic party and the Hillary campaign.

  10. #HangAll

    Problem solved.

  11. How else can he not get elected? Remember he is only running so Hillary will win

  12. I totally disagree with this post! Anything he says will be used against him. Everything he said was true. Telling the public the truth is the only way to win. You can’t pick and choose what might or might not be misconstrued. The media is biased, NBC’s Lester Holt said “quote” and then went on to say 2nd amendment supporters will kill Clinton. Just keep telling the facts, people are starting to wakeup to the media bias.

  13. So, Dear Media, Mr. Trump stating that perhaps Second Amendment supporters could address Mrs. Clinton’s plans to upend the Constitution is reprehensible, a call for assassination, but literal, word-for-word calls for Mr. Trump’s assassination, and killing of his supporters is OK, right? Now, class: are there any more questions about why and how “The Media” have lost credibility? Anybody? Anybody? Buehler…?

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