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AR Mag Strip

That takes a whole ‘nother level of effort to do stupid.


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  1. When posting pics like this, would be helpful to know what they did for the uninitiated

    • Someone jammed a fully loaded clip in a magazine ^^
      Clips are designed to hold bullets for easier loading into a magazine – they are not designed to be loaded into a magazine.

      I guess that makes it a “high capacity clip” :p

    • And that is why I left it without explanation. We don’t know everything, but the blog is blessed with readers that know a bit of everything.
      We all learn like that… Hell, I know I have.

  2. Is that one of them 30 caliber magazine clips that you can empty in half a second?

  3. Ah, the infamous 30 caliber magazine clip. Never thought I would see one in the wild.

  4. I’m not sure how you’d unscrew that screwup. From the pliers, it looks like the guy is going to try to pull the stripper clip out, but if that doesn’t work, then what? I guess I’d sacrifice the magazine, but that would be a delicate operation, too.

    • Easiest fix if it was jammed below the feed lips would be to slide the bottom plate off of the magazine, pull out the spring, follower and clip then reassemble.

  5. Guess this is one of those mysterious *clippazines* that the ferociously biased media keeps mentioning when whoring themselves to the libtards “Ministry of Truth.”

  6. Actually…this is really easy to do.

    The combo of the crappy old metal mags and the speedloaders that come with the stripper clip ammo sucks (at least the ones we get in the military with M855 do). You have to press ridiculously hard to actually get the rounds to come off the clip and go into the magazine as you load, but a good percentage of the time when you do so this happens…the clip just goes right through the speed feed and into the mag. Usually not quite this far…but I’m not all that surprised to see it either with how hard you have to press.

  7. That isn’t going to feed

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