Here we go again… Live round fired during police drill at Rockwood middle school.

ROANE COUNTY, TENN. – A Rockwood Police Officer accidentally fired a live round of ammunition during a “blank-fire” drill at Rockwood Middle School Thursday morning. “We had an accidental discharge that should not have happened,” Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright told 10News. “Nobody was ever in danger.”Rockwood PD and Roane County Schools were working together on the drill this week to demonstrate to school staff and teachers what an active shooter situation sounds like.During the drill, teachers, staff and school personnel are locked in a classroom with the police chief while an officer fires blank rounds in the hallway.However, the officer’s weapon contained a live round.

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Another Dog and Pony show and another negligent discharge.  Instructor Fife strikes again.

Barney Fife one bullet



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  1. Note the phrasing.

    A cop does it, and there was “an accidental discharge” and “Nobody was ever in danger”.

    But if a uncostumed citizen is spotted merely possessing something that looks like a firearm, there’s a lockdown & the area is swarmed by assault cops in assault armor with assault rifles immediately, and it becomes our fault collectively.

  2. It’s very simple: during blank training nobody is ever to be in possession of live rounds.

    That is the way the military does it. After they’re checked out of the armory we don’t even store them near each other. Every weapon gets checked as condition 4, all mags are checked to make sure you can see the followers and they are empty, and every person gets a pat down to make sure there aren’t even any accidental rounds that fell somewhere in a fold of your clothes or in a part of your gear. After that live rounds are secured except for the designated guardian angels that aren’t participating in the training at that moment (there’s always someone around that’s armed), and we unsecure the live rounds only after training is concluded and everyone is informed that blank training is over.

    That is a process that can lead to hundreds of 18 year olds that have been in the field for weeks doing safe blank training with nobody getting hurt. If it can be done efficiently with hundreds of cranky and tired 18 year olds, then I think that process with 5 or 6 mature adult officers should be PLENTY easy to accomplish.

  3. “Nobody was ever in danger.”

    Bullshit. Any time a live round is fired, especially in a enclosed space, there is always some danger. What if that round had ricocheted and penetrated a wall and struck someone? The walls are still just sheetrock and most bullets will go through several layers.

  4. We’re all still trying to get over that incident in nearby Punta Gorda where a police officer shot and killed a woman during a training demonstration last week. He shot her three times before realizing he was using live ammo instead of the blanks they were supposed to be using! How in the hell could that happen?
    They violated just about every firearm safety rule in the books! I still can’t believe it happened!!

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