“Why ‘Civil Unrest’ scares me.” Some groups should heed this advice.

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The rioters being given a chance to ‘go home’ — BY THE GOVERNMENT — is what kept the body count low. This even though it allowed rioting to continue for another 24 or so hours. Had the national guard done what they did in Detroit, Watts and Kent State — there would have been blood in the gutters. That’s because when troops come rolling in and someone in the mob shoots or lobs shit … the mob loses.
I tell you all of this because there are no simple answers to this. Police cause problems. Police prevent problems. Civilians cause problems. Civilians prevent problems. But what can be clearly stated — and needs to be understood — is cops, unlike civilians — have rules of engagement, limits and use of force restrictions.
Civilians don’t. That’s the other way bodies start stacking up.
And from personal experience, he is right.

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  1. People lament the “militarization” of the police and look at the hardware. I see it as the separation of them from the “civilian” population. No police officer should ever be allowed power or equipment that is banned for the rest of us. They are civilians too. Not saying that we should not be allowed full military arms. Just saying that the separation is more than hardware, it is attitude, mindset and permission to be “more” than civilian.


  2. if a group of people are out looting and burning down buildings in the area I have ZERO qualms about breaking out the riot police and lighting them up with gas and rubber pellets and tasers.
    If they STILL don’t comply? Bring in the guard. They were warned.
    I’m tired of seeing over grown children destroy things they no stake in, and will never pay for, get away with it and be emboldened by their consequence-less actions.



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