The Forest Whitaker Eye: It is real when dealing with Gun Control advocates.


This comes from a recent Facebook discussion about the George Zimmerman case. The subject still believes that Trayvon martin was murdered/assassinated/whatever even though the evidence in court showed otherwise:

back up my beliefs with facts

Is your eye twitching yet? It takes about five minutes for the eyelid contractions to stop, just relax.

The gentleman’s ‘likes’ in FB are unsurprising: Hillary, Everytown, National Gun Victims Action Council, Democrats, Wendy Davis…. well yes, he is from Texas.

But that is how zealots respond when the evidence keeps mounting against the cause and are so emotionally invested: they must resort to blind belief and fanatical responses.  I am not joking when I said they rather see bodies pile up as long as their inflexible creed is untouched by criticism and ridicule. Expect no truth, respect or sympathy from them.




Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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    Someone give that poor man a safe space!

  2. That’s why I rarely argue facts anymore. I use their emotional B.S. Alansky tactics against them and make them own their unicorn utopian ideals.

    They say: “We are an evolved modern society that doesn’t need guns.”

    I say: “If we were an evolved society, guns would be for sale at Home Depot.”

    They say: “Only cops and the military should have guns.”

    I say: “Except in Ferguson, Baltimore, and Fort Hood. Right?”


  3. No matter what his level of educational achievement (he seems quite proud of his own “you both might have–blah-blah”), obviously he is edumacated beyond his level of intelligence (and maturity),

  4. At least he was honest enough to admit that facts and evidence do not inform him on this subject.

    He should stick his fingers in his ears and hum loudly while the rest of us go about our business in reality.

    Sounds like a case of unicorn fart sniffing toxicity. I just hope that reality does not present him with a Darwin Award for his supposedly pure moral stance.

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