Under Armour’s Zumbo Moment

In the new age of social media it’s not uncommon for events to go from obscurity to the public spotlight within hours. Such is the case of hunting enthusiasts Josh and Sarah Bowmar. Several days ago the couple posted a video to YouTube of Josh legally spearing a Canadian black bear  which caused the anti-hunting public at large to rear its ugly head to lash out at them.

Under Armour Fails To Support Sponsored Hunter – Bowhunting.com

When I started shooting IDPA almost 15 years ago, The fashion for Tactical Tommys everywhere was 5.11 (mostly vests, tactical pants a close second) and Under Armour shirts.  As seen with other companies, Shooting Sports, military and Police helped create a buzz on a product which expanded sales to other sports and occupations. Under Armour had pretty much forgotten Action Shooters, but quietly still remained marketing to the Hunting community.

Enter Josh and Sara Bowmar, sponsored hunters for Under Armour who dared to take legally a bear with spear in Canada. Some Hunting Hating Social Media group got a wind of it, started a petition and a measly 4,300 signatures later, Under Armour caved and dropped them from their hunting sponsorship.

Now here is the issue: Under Armour still has other sponsored hunters in file and the Save Bambi Brigade found out. Oops! They still hate Under Armour because of hunters!

Under Armour Anti Hunter


They tossed a couple of hunters to the Green Wolves in order to calm the pack, but the Save Bambi Brigade was not satisfied and sensing weakness, came back for seconds, thirds and dessert.


But know, they also managed to piss off the Hunting community who is criticizing and dumping their products.

Under Armour Anti Hunter 2

Listen , I understand a company wants to make money, but you can pretty much bet the Bambi Brigade does not spend any on Under Armour because their clothing is a) it is expensive and b) It is not made with recycled, non-GMO, gluten-free hemp. Hunters and other members of the shooting community do spend a pretty penny and are faithful to the brand. I am even willing to bet that they are the ones that spend the most money on an individual basis, so it is not a good marketing practice to alienate your oldest clients because some tofu-eating jackasses who do not contribute to your bottom line, raised a small stink online and you are afraid to appear insensitive.

Taking the middle of the road is the best way to get hit by traffic from both sides.


PS: I never liked Under Armour shirts. They reminded me of the hated Banlon shirt I was forced to wear when I was a kid. 😀

God help me, I had this exact one. It triggers me to no end.

God help me, I had this exact one. It triggers me to no end.



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  1. “…Own over $20k+ in your gear…” That’s 3 hoodies and a ball cap worth.

  2. UA done F***up and good.
    Had they made a stand, they may have picked up customers from the “Sick of Political Correctness BS” people.
    Nobody really likes the bunny huggers anyway.

  3. Never heard of Under Armour before now.
    Have not been hunting yet, just got my lifetime license.
    But I will probably just buy gear from Walmart.

  4. This is what happens when you have smart-ass readers

    Hat tip to ‏@MrBrooks912

  5. Under Armour (big serf hint right in the spelling of the name) is also a #GunSense supporter by explicit association. Their biggest pitchman/sponsored athlete, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, participates in Everytown/MDA advertisements. This clown tries to shame innocent Americans into giving up their rights, but all he did was shame himself by turning a 3-1 finals lead into an historic loss. Kinda like Under Armour. And #GunSense.

  6. Why does UA give a crap about the opinions of a bunch of disarmist anti-hunting idiots? You’re right, Miguel, those are not the people that buy performance gear.

    Just as my fatass opinion on running gear is irrelevant, so is theirs on outdoor apparel.

    Bah. If I need hunting gear, I’d just go to the surplus store anyway. If grandpa could hunt deer successfully in a bright red checkered coat, I’m sure gray/OD green/khaki will do fine. And when your skin is as full as mine, most garments are compression garments anyway.

  7. Maybe BLM can get UA to stop selling promoting/selling shoes and underclothes to LEOs.

  8. Back in the ’80s while campaigning to pass Florida’s CWP law, the NRA’s Marion Hammer responded to Governor Bob Graham’s comment (although, it might have been Bob Martinez, I can’t remember) about taking “the middle of the road” position on the issue.

    Hammer pointed out that the only thing one finds in the “middle of the road” are yellow stripes and dead skunks.

    What applies to politicians also applies to corporations.

  9. Who ever posted that on their facepage account is likely out of or soon to be out of a job.
    Someone’s feelings got triggered and they responded publicly; forgetting they were operating in the Corporate capacity. I’d pay real money to see what’s happening to the internet clown behind closed doors.

  10. The Law of Smith and Wesson: Pissing off your core customer base to appease people who wouldn’t buy your product anyway is never a good idea.

  11. The only social media I have is Instagram, so I left Under Armour a comment explaining that they’ve lost my business. I don’t even hunt very often, I’m just repulsed that they caved in to a bunch of invertebrate, ignorant liberals.

  12. Not ant-gun but do take issue with wealthy athletes who need to be the center of attention, making millions off of the middleclass. You hunters who need the food for your families and who teach your kids how to hunt responsibly without sufferage to the animal, I have respect for…this husband & wife Hollywood duo, I do not. It’s all about publicity and fame for them. They say it’s not about the money which is a crock of bull. They actually make the regular guy & gal hunters, look bad and “are” the problem. There is no reason to “show off” after you’ve caused an animal to suffer, running full flight with a damn homemade spear in his chest. Have hunters become so desensitized that they can’t see the difference? In supporting U.A. hunting gear you have helped to line these 2 yoyo’s pockets with millions of dollars over the years while you struggle to pay for that overpriced, made in China, gear on your small (in comparison) salaries.

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