The “Feminists” and Gun Control. (Addendum)

After I was done with the last post, my memory kicked in and brought back a short argument I had with a former female friend about 30 years ago. She was 100% Faux Hippy, Left Wing to the core and oozed feminism from unmentionable parts. One day she showed up at a cafe our gang of lazy bastards used to hang and she seemed more outraged than usual. It went something like this:

Faux Hippy: “All men are disgusting pigs!”
Me: “Are we talking hygiene or something else?”
Faux Hippy: “You guys cannot be trusted. You are all disgusting.”
Me: “Do you want to explain what has you so mad that we deserve this punishment?”
Faux Hippy: “Lenin is cheating on me.” (Shit you not, that was her boyfriend’s name. Another Lefty.)
Me: “Oh dear, it must be hard on you. I am so sorry.”
Faux Hippy: “Thank you, but I should have expected it. Men are just untrustworthy creatures.”
Me: “And it must be traumatic for you to have caught him in bed with another man.”
Faux Hippy: “Huh? No, he was not having sex with another man!”
Me: “Then assigning porcine qualities only to men is not fair, right? And most affairs are still Man and Woman.”
Faux Hippy: “But…”
Me: “But nothing. Takes two to Salsa. Plus you advocate Free Love and shit… and you use it”
Faux Hippy: “It is not the same!”
Me: “So no equality among sexes after all?”
Faux Hippy: “Fuck you!”

She left rather pissed off, specially since the people around the table, both male and female, bursted out laughing. After that, we were polite with each other for some months and we had a final blow out months later at an arts and cinema cafe where I “insulted” her and her artsy friends by explaining why First Blood was a much deeper and entertaining movie that the series of french films we had seen that week.

But that is a story for another day.


6 Replies to “The “Feminists” and Gun Control. (Addendum)”

  1. I want to hear the First Blood tale.

    Reminds me of half the shit I see and deal with on social channels lately. According to some people, there’s a bigot behind every tree…


  2. I expect you were right the second time as well. First Blood, like the first “Rocky” movie, was a pretty good little movie. It wasn’t epic or mind-bending, and it had its share of requisite Hollywood hokum, but it touched on some real issues that affected (and still affect) real people.



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