The “Feminists” and Gun Control.

So there is a new movie coming out not to a multiplex near you but to some obscure hipster theater near you:

Is That a Gun In Your Pocket

The movie is about women refusing to have sex with their husbands and boyfriends because they have guns, and unless they get rid of them, there will be no intercourse. Vagina Power and all that.

But I also caught this news item:


I find hilarious that the Hollywood/New York intelligentsia, not really know for monogamy and respect for their fellow significant other,  comes out with a movie that states there is no only a fixed amount of p*ssy available, but that the contract of usage is so strict, men will not seek out alternatives and get some relief. Hell, the other women in cahoots with the scheme would probably end up seeking relief with guys not their legally wedded ones. And that is not counting the brisk business the local cathouse would be doing all of the sudden.

Those stupid sex games only work when guys are very young and are still insecure of themselves. We all latch to our first sex partner because of the work it took to get in there. But all of us, once we became more experienced, we figured out pretty fast that there is a wide open market and that sexual monopoly does not really work since there is a healthy and unregulated supply of available “options.”

And let’s face it, we can be pigs and unfortunately some women deserve that we behave like that. But not feminists… nobody in guy in his right mind would f*** a feminist…unless there is tequila involved.



Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I went to the movie site and checked out who was in this movie.

    Two names I recognized and they are close to being has beens. The rest? Probably a bunch of never will be’s.

    It’s also got a 6.1 rating out of 10. Can you say loser? I knew you could.

  2. So a remake of Lysistrata. In that, at least, the women even gave up their toys.

    • clockworkgremlin : August 24, 2016 at 8:43 am

      Lysistrata also didn’t take place in a world where Feminism had run so rampant that men are ignoring women and relationships with them even before you account for the competition from video games and porn.

      If Lysistrata had happened in the modern world, there would be no difference between before and after the pact.

      [edit]Also in typical lib/sjw fashion, they’ve completely missed what the point of the original work was: Men and women are both horny!

  3. I wonder if Spike Lee will be accusing anyone of copying his recent film, Chiraq. The plot of using women’s’ power over men by withholding sex worked when there was a general expectation of fidelity at all costs.
    However in this day and age, marriage has become a commitment similar to a job. It was much funnier in Chiraq, trying to suggest that gang bangers would give up their lifestyle for sex with a particular woman that is withholding sex.

  4. My first wife was a feminazi leftist to the hilt by the time we separated when my ” friends ” let me in on the secret rule simple as it was, never put your diq in crazy. Once you do they start following you around demanding you put the toilet seat down even if they are the only ones that use it and become tyrants that they aspire to if elected to office, does matter if they rule over one or millions they are still dictators.

  5. 1) Just about any relationship counselor will tell you that manipulating a partner by withholding sex is psychotic. It is a relationship destroyer.

    2) There was a Spike Lee movie called Chiraq that has this same plot. No to sound terribly racist, but in Chiraq the women were trying to get their ghetto boyfriends to stop shooting each other. There was a purpose to it. What is getting a bunch of white, lefty, suburbanites to get rid of their guns going to accomplish but virtue signal.

  6. So, I guess these “women” (and I use the term loosely because they are not very feminine) would be content to be raped while their tied up boyfriend is unarmed and unable to stop the assault?

    Be careful what you wish for feminists, police are only minutes away when seconds count.

  7. But not feminists… nobody in guy [sic] in his right mind would f*** a feminist…unless there is tequila involved.

    Not even when tequila is involved. In fact, ESPECIALLY not then.

    We’ve all seen the campus tales: consensual sex becomes rape after-the-fact, sometimes MONTHS later, when the woman is convinced by her feminist friends and/or counselors that that encounter was maybe not such a great idea. Or decides that if she can’t quite remember saying “yes” (due to over-application of tequila), then it must have been rape.

    When it comes to feminists, best to keep your “right mind” about you, fellas. No tequila.

    • Dude, *looking* at a feminist can be construed as rape. You can be convicted of rape if a feminist you’ve never even met decides you raped her, and the newsmedia will string you up for it.

      It’s one of the reasons I’m 110% on-board with the idea of false rape accusations carrying the same criminal penalties as rape. Being accused of rape will permanently and irreparably ruin a man’s life, whether he’s later acquitted or not.

  8. Lysistrada all over again. Not even anything original but then, look where it’s coming from.

  9. Yep, this will work…

    Because those Evil Gunz are only owned by MEN. There are no women that could ever believe they have the right to own guns. There are no women that believe in self defense, and their responsibility of defending their families. Only men own guns.

    Why is Hollywood so full of close minded bigots?

  10. I was presented with this ultimatum once!

    Being a gamer geek teaches one how to, shall we say, go without.

    So choosing the guns over the nookie was easy.

  11. Another one of those 30″ barrel revolvers. Where do they find them?

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