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Over at Hillary Clinton’s website, there is a Pantsuit T-shirt for sale as a fundraiser.  I just love how it is descried as “Unisex sizing, women may consider ordering one size smaller” – meaning a men’s shirt, but they don’t want to say that.  Also, I’d be wary of actually wearing this on a causal Friday, since I’m pretty sure wearing this shirt to work anywhere but CNN might be a fireable offense.

This is the perfect shirt for the male petty tyrant that really wants to put the boot in your face but is not man enough to lace it up and do himself.

All I know is that if I ever saw that shirt in the wild, it would take the self control of a Shaolin Monk to resist the urge to punch the wearer into paste.

pantsuit t


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  1. That shirt costs twice what a much more stylish one would cost on a reasonable website.

    (I have several shirts from Woot, and can attest to both their quality of construction and quality as conversation starters.)

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