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Here’s a Chiappa Rhino 2000DS revolver that has more or less reverted to kit form, kinetically.

Source: Chiappa Chiappa Bang kBANG! | WeaponsMan

There is another picture in the link… might be a tad graphic for sensitive souls.

There is something that bothers me about the parts: very little metal deformity, just plain breakage. Looks like pot metal.

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  1. As a metallurgist, high strain rates lead to brittle failure. With a stress applied very quickly, like that of a gunshot, the material doesn’t have time to flow, which leads to plastic deformation. So the material fails in a brittle form. With a slow loading, it does and deformation occurs.


    1. Similarly, why you get a *fwoosh* when you light off a pile of gunpowder and a *bang!* when you put it in a gun barrel with a loose blockage in one end.

      Not to be confused with high explosives like nitroglycerine and C-4, which will just explode period.



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