On AC and Mass Murder

It’s been said: Scratch a liberal, find a Fascist.  History has demonstrated, unequivocally, that the road to a liberal utopia is paved with corpses.

There is absolutely nothing that the true believer won’t use as an instrument of or justification for mass murder.

Take these two examples:

The Washington Post published this piece the other day: I don’t need air conditioning, and neither do you.

Ms. Karen Heller is happy without her AC.  She may be pouring out sweat, but her self righteousness keeps her comfortable.  So much so that she wants everybody else to live her misery.

No I know what some people will say “But, J.Kb, didn’t people live for thousands of years without AC?  How bad can it be, really?”

I grew up in an “Old Florida Home” meaning it was built before AC was a standard in homes.  It had big French doors in the back and  floor to ceiling louvered windows up front.  When you opened everything up, there was little to block the wind from blowing through the house to keep it cool.  If you look at traditional Native American dwellings of Florida, the Chickee, as well as aboriginal dwellings from tropical climates around the world, they are just a roof with no walls and provide only shade and protection from rain.  The Persians invented Windcatchers, and architectural style that uses wind to force cool a home.

Modern homes are designed to be cooled by AC.   The AC went out in the place I am living in now, which was build 16 years ago.  For the week it was broken in June in Alabama, with all the windows opened, my upstairs hit 98F according to the thermostat.  Downstairs was only 92F.  We made sure that there was a fan going full blast on the crib at night to keep Mr. Baby cool.  Despite the open windows, there was little to no breeze blowing through the house.

In major urban centers and in large apartment complexes, conditions are even worse.  This is why when a heat wave passes through a big, modern city, it leaves behind a wake of death.  Great Britain lost over one thousand people in a heat wave.  In 1995, Chicago lost 739, and in 2012, they lost as many people in a week to a heat wave as they did gun deaths, 18.

Shutting off AC isn’t a matter of inconvenience, it is a matter of life and death.  Ms. Heller, is going to smile her smug smile of self satisfaction and get people, mainly children and the elderly, killed.  She might not be pushing people into ovens in a death camp, but she is still going to be responsible for people roasting to death.  But she doesn’t care.  Her self satisfaction from reducing her energy consumption just a tad, and trying to convince others to do it, will cause to her completely disregard the blood that would be on her hands.

Over at NPR, which is government funded form taxpayer dollars, the question being posed is: Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

“Here’s a provocative thought: Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them” says Travis Rieder, the petty tyrant and sadist who wants to control you and your human desire for procreation.

First, this man used his Environmentalism to emotionally destroy his wife:

“I have been one of those women who actually craved to have a baby,” says Sadiye Rieder, smiling as she sits next to her husband in the sunroom of their Maryland home. “To go through pregnancy and everything, that mattered to me a lot.”

Sadiye also wanted a big family. She grew up among extended relatives in the Turkish part of Cyprus and says she enjoyed having people around all the time.

This was not a problem early in their marriage, as each focused on their studies. But by the time Sadiye began feeling ready for motherhood, Travis’ research had delved into the morality of adoption, which led to the ethics of procreation and to its impact on the climate.

They knew they had to talk.

In the end, they had one child.  That’s still one too many for the rust of us in the proletariat for Rieder’s taste.  This guy can talk to me until he’s blue in the face, but I was one of three.  My wife was one of five.  We want three kids.  I don’t give a shit what his model predicts will happen to the low lying areas of Bangladesh 100 years from now.  I will have the family I want to have.  Remember, these are the same type of people that predicted that NYC will drown in horse shit (literal poop from draft horses) and they everybody was doomed, until the car was invented.  These people can’t model how technology or innovation will fix problems, so they just continue to peddle their bullshit.

Rieder is not alone.  There are other Environmental zealots out to ruin life for the rest of humanity.

At the New Hampshire meeting, 67-year-old Nancy Nolan tells two younger women that people didn’t know about climate change in the 1980s when she had her kids. Once her children were grown, “I said to them, ‘I hope you never have children,’ which is an awful thing to say,” Nolan says, her voice wavering. “It can bring me to tears easily.”

She adds that of course people are driven to procreate, and you can’t really tell them not to.

Of course you can’t tell people not to have kids.  The urge to reproduce is one of the deepest biological drives, right up there with eating and breathing.

So what is their goal?  To get the human race to voluntarily die off?  Maybe just dwindle our numbers a great deal?

What happens when trying to convince people no to have kids is not enough for them?  How about fines for having kids?  Maybe they could encourage abortions to prevent global warming?  How about the extreme of forced abortions?  China already has forced abortions, they just don’t use global warming as justification.

There is no amount of human carnage that these people are not willing to pay as a cost to their cause du jour.  Your freedoms, your children, your family. you, are just an inconvenience to them.  They don’t care about you, no matter how much they say they are trying to protect you.

They will kill you and your children, with a smile, for a polar bear.


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  1. Of course, none of these people would dare suggest that no ciswhiteheteronormativeblahblahblah have no children. That would be ____________ (insert whatever combination of criticism you like).


  2. Well I don’t need air conditioning, but that’s because I’m a hardy individual living in a mild climate, and my apartment’s air-conditioning unit produces more noise than cool air when it runs. I actually checked, it consumes 3x as much electricity as everything else in the apartment COMBINED, and barely drops the temperature by 5 degrees when running. Leaving the windows open is cheaper and more effective.


  3. Why don’t they just plug the AC into the same outlet that they use for their electric cars? You know, the one that is “zero emissions”?




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