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I did one of my regular checks over at the Everytown Facebook page, looking for post fodder, and I found two gems of anti-gun wisdom that I couldn’t pass up sharing.

On a post about how Pediatricians should talk to parents about guns, I found this reply from some Everytown supporters.

Dumb Everytown

Way to go Linda, you lost your gun.  Let me tell you something I learned as a parent.  No matter how will you think you babyproofed your home, you didn’t.  Because you have no idea where your gun is, you have no control over it.  So if one of your grandkids finds it, and hurts themselves with it, it’s on you for being a dumb ass.  Maybe that’s why you liked Lyle’s post about EXTENSIVE gun safety training (although he fails to define extensive) because you know you did something stupid and dangerous and risked your grandkid’s lives.  But if what I know about antis (especially liberal antis) is true, you don’t have that level of self awareness and think what you did is right (hiding a gun so that you lost it) and think everybody should be as irresponsible as you.

I didn’t need an EXTENSIVE  training course to have the common sense to know when my son started to toddle about and get into things, all of my guns got locked in a safe.  I know where each gun is, and I have control over all them.  But because I am a gun owner that isn’t stupid enough to lose my gun and then virtue signal my stupidity on Facebook, I am the bad guy according to Everytown.


Next is a T-shirt that Everytown is selling as a fundraiser.

Dumb 2

Now, I may be an asshole (in fact, I’m pretty sure I am) for thinking this, but Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung was killed by a freaking nut job who murdered his own mother and had an obsession with mass shootings.  Being nice didn’t prevent the Sandy Hook massacre.  Being nice didn’t stop Columbine or the Virginia Tech shooting before that.  This is a worthless, feel good platitude, that is idyllic to the point of being naive.  But we can’t go about questioning the wisdom of our martyrs, can we?

If you wan’t some words to live by that might actually make a difference is people’s lives, try the quote by the Warrior Monk, USMC General James “Mad Dog” Mattis: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.



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  1. Be nice, until its time to NOT be nice…..heh heh heh…

  2. clockworkgremlin : August 25, 2016 at 8:39 am

    If you really look, you’ll find it’s the anti-gun nuts who don’t follow the advice of that shirt. They’re the ones calling us monsters, calling for our deaths, calling the cops on us for minding our own business, trying to get us killed, and laughing when negligence gets a child or loved one killed.

  3. If you really pay attent, almost every attack by “Progressive” leftist can be held up in a mirror to z demonstrate their character and thinking. It is actually a big part of why they beleive their arguments so vehemently. Projection.

  4. “Safety training” (like everything else in the gun control bag) is such a red herring. Despite driver safety training, testing and licensing, accidental vehicle deaths are ~40,000 a year. Firearms, which arguably require NO training, accidental deaths run 400-600 a year. I think we’re doing a fine job with safety, thank you very much.

    Unless your closed little mind can’t see the difference between accidental deaths and deliberate deaths, something “safety training” will not affect one iota.


    • I wouldn’t classify DUI-related homicides as accidents, so that number is down quite a bit, but it’s still an order of magnitude higher than accidental deaths involving firearms.

  5. These silly utopian platitudes they spout demonstrate their lack of intelligence.

    They plaster COEXIST and the peace symbol on their cars and fail to realize that the muslims (with the first symbol of crescent moon for C) will gladly kill them and that the military protects them with great violence if needed.

    They put up GFZ signs and marvel that mass killers prefer those locations.

    I just saw a “WORLDPEACE” bumpersticker and thought, what a moron.

    If he really wants that, we would have to start with the complete extermination of all 2 billion muslims and an eradication of that evil religion. We would still have to contend with the communist regimes, so that’s another couple of billion commies we need to kill. Finally, we need to mop up of remaining despots and dictatorships and all we would have left would be those people who really do want peace without conquest.

    Basically, leftists fail to recognize that evil exists and thus violence meted out by good men will always be necessary until Christ returns to rule with an iron rod.

  6. We, as as society, cannot master the use of the simple turn signal and they want us to be “nice”. Simpletons on so many levels.

  7. I dont think Lanza was a nutjob as most people seem to settle on. He had a specific interest and a specific goal, and he carried out the latter effectively. Evil doesn’t require insanity or mental illness etc. All too often such phony disability claims are what let survivng murderers off the ultimate hook for their crimes, all as it stigmatizes the statisically less violent actual “mentally ill.”

  8. I’m sure Lyle and Linda hate the NRA, but the NRA is the only organization on a national level that offers “extensive” firearms training for the whole family. If either of them had taken a moment outside the echo chamber they live in, they would have known that what they’re suggesting is already being done by “the enemy” and they would never have suggested such a thing for fear of exposing themselves as NRA sympathizers.

  9. The anti 2nd cult member calls for extensive gun safety training yet look at any of the anti’s pages or walls and not a one of them will acknowledge the NRA Eddy Eagle program, not a one. Why is that? Because teaching safety removes the fear and mystery, thereby promoting a gun culture that they hate. They have painted themselves into a corner they can’t get out of.

  10. Jonathan Arter : August 29, 2016 at 12:26 am

    “Extensive Gun Safety Training” rapidly becomes burdensome gun safety training in the world of give-an-inch-take-a-mile. The poor in our inner-cities, those who are, realistically, most in need of firearms for protection cannot afford the multiple certifications that would be required.

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