Tell me again Pokemon Go is not stupid.

Stolen from Gun Owners of Canada.

Pokemon Go Gun Range

Canadians are indeed polite. In Florida we would be giving Darwin Awards away by the pallet.

Hat tip to Rob Morse.


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  1. In Florida, they wouldn’t even look up to SEE the sign…

  2. Pokemon Go is not stupid. There are multiple warnings when the game starts up to pay attention to your surroundings, which a friend of mine collectively refer to as “The Gyrados Code.”

    This doesn’t stop several of the players from being stupid, of course.

    • Agree. Pokemon Go, like a firearm, requires an operator. Sign is ridiculous, though. I am amused by whoever tagged that area as a Poke-Stop (or whatever they’re called). Delightful, expert trolling.

      • It was likely a portal for Ingress, which makes its existence even more puzzling.

        • Seems like Niantic should develop and patent an automated geofencing solution for AR in general, then license it out. That would be sustainable after this latest Angry Birds fizzles. With the head guy’s Google ties, the company ought to have all the resources of Maps at its disposal. Could be an interesting pro-privacy play and these beands all need some 4A PR lately.

  3. A couple of days after this game came out, I went for a walk in the quasi-rural village I live in. As I walked past the park, there was a group of no less then 20 young adult males, probably all late teens/early 20’s walking around like zombies, with their faces buried in their phones playing Pokemon Go. One kid had a “Feel the Bern” shirt on. This country is doomed.

    • Pokemon appeals to a much broader socio-political demographic than guns or Bernie Sanders. There are at least two open-carriers in my local group. Try not to alienate Gun Culture 2.0 candidates just because they happen to like video games about cockfights between cartoon monsters.

      • Sorry. Alienation warning! If you have nothing better to do than play a stupid pokey game, then you have not been paying attention.

        • Playing games does not preclude paying attention to politics. I know I do both just fine. People railing against games as a form of entertainment should look to history and the people who railed against books nearly two centuries ago. Its all pretty much the same thing. Pick your form of entertainment, and as with all things enjoy in appropriate-for-your-lifestyle moderation. And don’t harp on other people for choosing differently, especially if you dont understand the media they choose.

          P.S. Personally I cannot stand sports or most TV shows. How can you just sit in front of a screen and not *interact* with it? At least with a good book your exercising your imagination. . .

        • Pokemon Go gave me opportunities to meet new people, opened up new business opportunities, and on at least one occasion, allowed me to be in the right place (a place I would not have otherwise been anywhere near) to disrupt a group of protesters who were heckling a street preacher. If you’re willing to summarize and dismiss a given form of entertainment using a single sentence, perhaps you’re the one who hasn’t been paying attention.

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