“I Can’t Adult” Friday.


You need a trigger warning? Here’s one.

beretta bear

clinto foundation witness removal


1911 star wars


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  1. “What’s the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?”

    Well since I don’t have anything in .44 Magnum, I have to stick with .357, but if it comes down to it I have both my .45-70 (which I’ve mentioned constantly) and slugs (both regular and armor-piercing) for my 12-guage. It’s your life. Don’t screw around with going under-armed.

    Still want a 4-bore.

  2. In the summer, I’m a .380 guy, but only because of the ease of concealing a Ruger LCP. Yes, I know, I know….
    When the colder months come it’s Glock 19 time. I carry Speer Gold Dot, JHP 115 grain +P+.

  3. 1911… sigh 🙂

  4. There’s a difference between “bugger” and “booger.”

  5. Not sure why the first pic is a problem.

    Assuming the timer has just buzzed, it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot a target that close from the retention position.

    Hell, IDPA matches, which, judging from the target this is, practically fetishize close range retention shooting.

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