You Dried the Rain and Dammed the Flood.

That isn’t the story the major news organizations need.  The story of honorable and compassionate people helping their fellow man won’t sell soap or socialism.. so it isn’t mainstream news.  That is important too.

Recognize the distorted image we’re sold by the media.  The flood and rescue is the real truth about us as a people.  You dried the rain of tears.  You dammed the flood of despair.  With 600 words, I can’t convince you of something you don’t already know, but the rescuers can remind us of something we might have forgotten.

You’re doing it right.  Bless you, and please carry on.

You Dried the Rain and Dammed the Flood – Slowfacts

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  1. And Louisiana State Senator Jonathan Perry thought it was a terrible thing that those volunteers were allowed to operate without state licensing and training! Don’t you dare try to help one another, or the government will crush you!

    There was the completely predictable public outcry and equally predictable, senator clarifying his position retraction. He’s quoted as having said.

    “It’s going to take some work but it’s very doable to eliminate the liability from the state and also put a cost, even if it’s $25 or $50 training seminar, where the person has some sort of identification,” Perry told KPEL.

    Perry is concerned citizen rescuers in personal boats will need rescuing themselves, tying up first responders. He says he wants the Cajun Navy to have access past areas secured by law enforcement. USA Today picked up the story and this morning, Tommy Tucker’s WWL radio call-in show, was inundated with people against regulation.

    I’m too polite to use the proper anatomical name for what he is.


  2. I’m not a Cajun and it has been over 50 years since I briefly lived in NOLA, however; if I recall correctly, boat ownership in southern Louisiana was close to 80% at that time. I expect that any member of the “Cajun Navy” could teach classes on navigating through flooded areas better than anyone the state or feds could come up with.



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