Forjas Taurus caught illegally selling weapons.

Brazil’s Forjas Taurus SA, the largest weapons manufacturer in Latin America, sold guns to a known Yemeni arms trafficker who funneled them into his nation’s civil war in violation of international sanctions, according to charges in court documents reviewed by Reuters.Federal prosecutors in southern Brazil charged two former executives of Forjas Taurus (FJTA4.SA) in May with shipping 8,000 handguns in 2013 to Fares Mohammed Hassan Mana’a, an arms smuggler active around the Horn of Africa for over a decade according to the United Nations.The handguns were allegedly shipped by Taurus to Djibouti and redirected to Yemen by Mana’a, according to court documents.

Source: BREAKING: Taurus Executives Charged with Knowingly Selling Arms to Yemeni Arms Traffickers – The Firearm Blog

So, it is not Taurus USA but the home company. I am saying this because there is certain glee going around on crapping the US side of the business which is probably the only side of the Brazilian conglomerate making money.

Forjas Taurus also does machine tooling & dies for other industries and is involved in construction which happen to be the important part of the company. They are on their third year of heavy loses and the second of 9 figure loses, so I am not surprised that shady crap like that happened, it is South America after all.

I would not mind that some enterprising company here decided to buy the plan, machinery, dies and the lot and bringing it to the States. I do believe the quality control would improve 1,000% and Taurus would stop being a joke.

Yeah, I know. Not gonna happen.


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  1. Given Taurus’ reliability, this may be a blessing in disguise. Next time some terrorist tries to shoot up a group of people, he’ll get one or two rounds off before his gun becomes a paperweight.

  2. You buy a company’s design and manufacturing assets in part, based on their reputation, and the quality of the product. I do not see a great reason to buy any of the Taurus assets. If you are going to set up a brand new firearms manufacturing operation, why not start with the AR and 1911 designs? They are both popular and proven designs. I am sure there are other designs that could be licensed too.

  3. I don’t get it. My two Taurus Millennium Pro pistols have never caused a bit of problems for me. Had them for more than 10 years. A .40 and a .45.

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