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Going back to the beginning, Dave and the family have taken a big financial hit because they stood up for the right thing.  They’ve lost advertising from a lot of “green” companies that were aghast that BHM would publish pro-gun, pro-self-defense articles by me and others. (Yes, in the time of “political identity” there are some out there who seem to think “green=’progressive’=anti-gun.”) Yet the Duffys stuck to their principles on these matters, as they did on so many more. They know that self-reliance and freedom are two sides of the same coin, and make it clear in every issue.

Source: Massad Ayoob » Blog Archive » AN OVERDUE WORD FOR OUR SPONSOR

I find stupid that there is a branch of prepping that actually builds corrals where they will keep the Unicorns next to the perch for the Peace Doves. If SHTF, you are going to need the tools and the ability to defend that you worked so hard to build for that day.

Check the list of books. I am not a Prepper, but I found several to my liking. I am sure you will find one or two you may need.



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  1. I’m a veteran, former defense contractor, and soon-to-be solar industry person. I consider myself “green” in many ways and am, of course, a 2A supporter. I see no contradiction. In fact, being “green” is helpful in maintaining home-country sustainability and lessening dependence on other (possibly hostile) countries.

  2. If they are anti-gun, what are they prepping for? The end of DWTS? My wife isn’t really a “gun” person, but she understands the need and she does know how to use them. Thinking you won’t need one when TSHTF is just wishful thinking. The savages, for a while anyway, will be looking for anything they can get their hands on.

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